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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

No Police, No Rule of Law

Matthew Noyes

The Minneapolis city council voted to defund the police department, hoping to replace it but with no concrete plans yet. This position is growing in popularity but ignores the reality that no law enforcement will lead to the destruction of communities, particularly poor communities. With no rule of law, there is little to stop criminality. We’ve had tastes of this when rioters stole and destroyed private property without consequence. Abolishing the police isn’t a solution. Real solutions to problems with policing may look instead like addressing the problems with police unions, reforming laws that criminalize behavior that doesn’t violate other’s rights, and holding individual officers accountable when they do not obey the law themselves.

Rest in Peace, CHAZ

Tanner Mann

The greatest political meme of 2020 is sadly dying—the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” borne from the protests over George Floyd’sdeath. This commune of left-wing anarchists blessed the internet with a plethora of memes throughout June. From “Building the Wall” to their contemporary take on modern agriculture, CHAZ residents ever strengthened the case for unfettered progressivism. Unfortunately, the gears of progress were halted by the nation-state’s inability to protect itself from, well, itself. After a few rapes and shootings made CHAZ the most dangerous sovereign nation on Earth, the Washington state government decided it should retake its capitol from the petulant LARPers. It is likely that these same CHAZ-ians will return swiftly to their keyboards in the coming weeks to proclaim, “Real CHAZ has never been tried.”

The Par-learning Curve

Anthony Kinnett

President Trump tweeted, “There will never be an ‘Autonomous Zone’ in Washington, D.C., as long as I’m your President. If they try they will be met with serious force!” Twitter in turn censored the Tweet. This was but one in a string of recent events where large tech companies censored right-wing voices but overlooked or even promoted left-leaning views. Dan Bongino made the move to invite everyone away from Twitter and to join Parler, a free-speech social media platform. The result was astounding. In just one week, Parler added over a million new accounts—many of them prominent conservatives, businesses, and even left-wing figures. This was met with outrage in the media, as many publications decried this move as a jump into an echo-chamber filled with Nazis. With the platform full-to-the-brim of new users, time will tell how Parler develops, and whether this will be a passing fad or a true threat to Twitter’s monopoly.

The Room Where it Happened

Ananmay Agarwal 

Despite efforts by the Trump Administration to block its release, Former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s much-hyped memoir came out earlier this month. For a book written by a no-nonsense career official, there are plenty of amusing moments: President Trump expressed surprise at learning that the United Kingdom is a nuclear power, and was unaware that Finland is a sovereign state and not an appendage of Russia. Not all the revelations are quite so humorous. Despite all the harrumphing about putting ‘America First,’ Mr. Trump’s foreign policy was guided not by any coherent philosophy but purely by crude re-election prospects. As evidence, Mr. Bolton recalls the President ignoring Beijing’s human rights abuses and hesitating to stand up for Hong Kong in exchange for a trade deal. Other bombshell claims include Mr. Trump’s endless pandering to dictators in private, almost threatening to pull out of NATO, refusing to listen to advisors, and being mocked by allies and adversaries alike. But hey, it’s not like the President has subordinated foreign policy for political gain before

Lockdown Round Two?

Lexi Lonas

States are starting to re-lockdown after a recent spike in COVID-19 cases. Texas, who was one of the early states to open back up, just closed down its bars, indoor dining, and other recreational activities. Pittsburgh has stopped selling alcohol at its establishments. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has postponed opening indoor dining until further notice. The list goes on. This is not a surprising turn of events. COVID-19 was put on the backburner during protests. We had people gathered in large groups on the streets with many not wearing masks. Also, people in general just stopped taking the virus seriously. I could walk into any store in my town and only 25 percent of people were wearing masks. The most we can do is take precautions and hope we don’t see lockdown round two. 

Down Come the Statues

Daniel Buck

My own college town lost the statue of an abolitionist, another of an advocate for women’s suffrage, and now they’re coming for Lincoln. It’s tradition when students graduate to jump into the lap of this presidential statue and snap a celebratory picture with the man who abolished slavery. Surely, few lament the loss of confederate statues, but there must be discernment. If we cannot celebrate the heroes of abolition and freedom, what are we to celebrate? The destruction of private property and decapitated statues apparently. ‘Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair’ say the rioters.

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