Johnson: California Shows the Problem with Political Outsiders


Friday, June 12, 2020

America has really liked political outsiders recently. Donald Trump gained popularity not because he had experience. Rather, many people like him expressly because he is an outsider. They are perceived as more motivated for change and less corrupted by money. Often, there is nothing wrong with electing these types of people. They start the job inexperienced but that is counterbalanced with experienced staff. However, being an outsider should not be the sole reason for a candidate’s election.

Take for example Chesa Boudin, who was elected to be San Francisco’s District Attorney in 2019. His primary opponent was the interim District Attorney at the time and so he was the apparent outsider of the election. Confirming this position, just weeks before his election, the biggest Police union in San Francisco spent more than $650,000 on ads calling him the “number one choice of criminals and gang members.” They emphasized his tie his parents who were part of the terrorist organization, Weather Underground, and were charged with murder in the 1981 Brink’s robbery.

The ads didn’t convince the citizens of San Francisco. Despite the fact he was a defense attorney who had never prosecuted a case, they elected him because he was an outsider. Since taking oath, Chesa Boudin has shown that he was the wrong choice.

As his first main action, Boudin fired at least six of his top prosecutors, including the top prosecuting attorneys for the general felonies, gang, and homicide units. He then replaced them with lifelong defense attorneys none of whom had experience prosecuting cases. He remade the bureaucracy, sure, but replaced it with incompetence. This was only the beginning of the problems.

In January, there was an incident where an officer was being beaten with a vodka bottle. Unable to escape, the officer and his colleague tried to arrest the suspect. The suspect charged at the officers, and they shot him. The District Attorney’s office announced they would not file charges against the man who charged the officer. Instead, they decided to file charges against the officers, including the one in the hospital for his injuries. He ignored the multiple videos proving that the officers shot in self-defense and subsequently started first-aid on the suspect (the charges were later dropped).

Chesa Boudin ran as a clear political outsider. The police union has been very vocal about their distrust and even made a website dedicated to whistleblowing. He has made it clear that being the outsider doesn’t make you the best candidate.

He has only hurt the police system in San Francisco. He has made it very clear that the lives of police officers aren’t as crucial as his radical political policies. Despite not being in office a full year yet, he has caused damage to both the police department and trust in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office that will take a lot of time to repair.

Jeffery Johnson is currently a Senior in high school. He enjoys football, politics and most forms of media. He is working to become an opinion journalist.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jeffery Johnson

Bentonville High School

Jeffery Johnson is currently a Senior in high school. He enjoys football, politics and most forms of media. He is working to become an opinion journalist.

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