Speakers to Pay Attention to at CPAC 2020


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In just a couple days, thousands of conservatives will arrive in the National Harbor for the largest conservative conference of the year, CPAC. With almost one hundred speakers in total (and more to be announced), the event carries great importance with the 2020 election on the horizon.

But with so many speakers at CPAC this year, here are some speakers you may want to pay special attention to:

James O’Keefe

As the founder of Project Veritas, O’Keefe created a non-profit organization committed to exposing corruption, dishonesty, and fraud within many public and private institutions. Reports by O’Keefe and the Project Veritas team have led directly to the implementation of new legislation throughout the country, federal and state prosecutions, congressional hearings, the de-funding of taxpayer-funded groups, and even thwarting domestic terrorists. 

Recently, Project Veritas investigated corruption within the mainstream media and the 2020 Democratic primary elections. With the critical work he does, hearing O’Keefe, one of the most underrated names in conservative politics, will be both terrifying and enlightening. 

Senator Ted Cruz, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels, and Michael Knowles

During the Senate Impeachment Trial, Senator Cruz and Daily Wire host Michael Knowles started a podcast called “Verdict with Ted Cruz” that recapped the daily events taking place within the upper chamber of Congress. Quickly, the podcast became the top podcast on iTunes in America, overtaking “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “The Daily” from the New York Times. Amassing over four and a half million downloads during its brief history, Senator Cruz and Knowles have promised to continue the podcast through the 2020 election, despite President Trump already being acquitted.

The popular podcast will have a live recording at CPAC, where GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels will join them to discuss the dangerous rise of socialism in America and how leftism is driving the country away from its founding principles.

House Freedom Caucus Members

Throughout the event, many of the members of the House Freedom Caucus will be speaking on the importance of upholding the Constitution, fighting for conservative principles, and the perils that could come with America faltering to the far-left whims of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, it’s likely that they will also talk about impeachment and what the next steps for House Democrats might be with less than a year left within the current Congress. Some of the most notable members of the caucus in attendance are Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Doug Collins. 

Mark and Julie Strauss Levin

The Great One” is one of the most well respected names in America’s conservative political sphere and has the third largest nationally syndicated radio program in the nation. For the past two years, the political talk show host and his wife spoke at CPAC together, and, in 2017, Mark Levin interviewed Ted Cruz at CPAC. Expect the two of them to speak together again this year on the 2020 election, with the core question being whether America will choose socialism or liberty during the next election.

President Trump

Truly, there is nothing like hearing the current President of the United States speak in person; combine that with the fact that Super Tuesday is right around the corner and this is a must see! President Trump also has a history of giving long speeches at CPAC; last year’s speech was over two hours long!


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Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is in the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Daniel Elmore

Alexander Central High School

Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is in the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

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