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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Now that the semester is underway your college club is setting your agenda for spring semester. Here is a list of conferences, important dates and events to keep in mind this spring!

For other trainings or regional events, contact the state or regional chair of your college club and check out the Leadership Institute and Federalist Society calendars for local and online training. 


Democrat Debates: There are three debates planned this month. This is a good opportunity to host watch parties and play a debate drinking game (21+, of course).

Nevada Democrat Caucus: February 22nd.

CPAC: February 26th- 29th, National Harbor, MD. The Conservative Political Action Conference is the largest annual gathering of conservative activists. Join over 19,000 other conservatives and have the opportunity to hear from influential speakers from across the conservative movement. Students are able to buy general access tickets at a discounted price and may be able to receive further discounts or funding from their national organizations.

South Carolina Democratic Primary: Feb. 29th


Democrat Debates: To be determined

South Carolina Democrat Primary: February 29th.

March 3rd “Super Tuesday” Primaries and Caucuses

March 10th Primaries and Caucuses: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota Dem Washington Primaries.

TPUSA Southeast Regional Conference: March 14th-15th, Charleston, SC

March 17th Primaries and Caucuses: Arizona Dem. Primary, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio Primaries, and Northern Marianas Republican Caucus.

YAF High School Conference at Reagan Ranch: March 18th-21st, Santa Barbara, CA. Learn about Conservative values and activism alongside like-minded peers while hearing from top Conservative speakers. Participants also get the opportunity to tour the Reagan Ranch.

YRNF Spring National Meeting: March 20th 

Young Republican Leadership Conference: March 21st-24th, Arlington VA/Washington D.C. Young Republicans have the opportunity to meet with members of Congress, policy experts, and officials from the Trump Administration

TPUSA Midwest Regional Conference: March 21st-22nd Chicago, Ill.

American Samoa Republican Caucus & Georgia Primaries: March 24th

Republican Women’s Campaign Training with WCS Yale: March 28th, Washington D.C. A one-day workshop for Republican women on campaigning

Puerto Rico Democratic Primary: March 29th


Democratic Debates: To be announced.

LibertyCon: April 3rd-5th. An opportunity to listen to speakers, participate in breakout sessions, and network with liberty-minded students and leaders.

April 4th Primaries and Caucuses: Louisiana Primaries, Alaska and Hawaii Dem. Primaries, and Wyoming Dem. Caucuses.

TPUSA Northwest Regional Conference: April 4th-5th, Santa Clara, CA

Wisconsin Primaries: April 7th

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) Standing Up For Faith And Freedom: April 17th-18th- This conference is designed to help students at Catholic schools promote conservative values. ($20 fee includes two nights of lodging and four meals)

Young Latino Leadership Summit (TPUSA): April 24th-26th, Phoenix, AZ

April 28th Primaries: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.


Guam Dem. Caucus & Kansas Dem. Primary: May 2nd

Indiana Primaries: May 5th

Wyoming Republican State Convention: May 7th-9th

May 12th Primaries: Nebraska and West Virginia

May 19th Primaries: Kentucky and Oregon

Young Women’s Leadership Summit (TPUSA): May 28th-31st, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX


June 2nd Primaries: District of Columbia, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota

Virgin Islands Dem. Caucuses: June 6th

Puerto Rico Rep. Primary: June 7th

Network for Enlightened Women Conference: June 15th. Hear from female leaders from a variety of professions, learn tools and skills to grow as a leader, and network with other women who share your conservative beliefs!

2020 Democratic National Convention: July 13th-16th

2020 Republican National Convention: August 24th-27th

Isabel Nulter is a Junior at Framingham State University where she is studying Criminology and Psychology. She is passionate about Limited Government and Photography, and never leaves the house without a good book!

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Isabel Nulter

Isabel Nulter is a Junior at Framingham State University where she is studying Criminology and Psychology. She is passionate about Limited Government and Photography, and never leaves the house without a good book!

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