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Sunday, February 2, 2020

At the 2020 Sundance film festival, Taylor Swift released a documentary called “Miss Americana.” The documentary, later released on Netflix, showcases Taylor Swift’s life in the past few years, tackling issues about her past and future. These issues range from her feud with Kanye West and her eating disorder to her overall journey through fame, and yes, politics. 

The film is a little over an hour long, about halfway through she begins to talk about the political landscape of Tennessee and the duty she had to speak out.

The film cuts to her saying, “I really care about my home state and I know that at this point in time my home state is a huge, hugely important part of this midterm election.” Following this statement, the scene cuts to a montage of conservative Senator Marsha Blackburn. 

Taylor goes on to discuss her reasons for disagreeing with Marsha’s conservative policy positions. She claims that many Americans will be upset if Tennessee residents vote in favor of Now-Senator Blackburn. Swift compares the broader political divide in America to the Dixie Chicks and how they were torn apart. “I’m getting to the point where I can’t listen to people telling me, ‘no, stay out of it,’ ” she says. 

Swift is someone who has dealt with stalking, sexual assault, and cares deeply about the issues women face. However, in the documentary, she is clearly subliminally slamming conservative women. She is also grossly misinformed about Marsha Blackburn’s politics and what it actually means to be conservative.

Celebrities have every right to speak about their political beliefs. However, they have a greater responsibility towards the truth because of their elevated platform. 

In Joe Chalfant’s article for Lone Conservative, he clears up Swift’s claims by sharing that “Marsha Blackburn voted for the amended rendition of the bill that did, in fact, safeguard women. Additionally, she voted to pass bills like the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 and the Women’s Public Health and Safety Act.”

She also claims, while arguing with her Dad, Scott Swift, that “these aren’t your Dad’s celebrities and these aren’t your Dad’s Republicans.”

And yes, she’s right. In 2020, Republicans are far more inclusive. We stand for equality when the legislation that is passed through Congress is truthful and aligns with our freedom as a people. We fight within the Government to make sure we uphold our freedom and individual rights and recognize that people of all skin tones and cultures deserve to be treated fairly. 

The divide between liberals and conservatives lives in their different understanding of what it means to uphold American values. This fundamentally different understanding impacts constitutional education, how much power to give the Government, and how to protect individual liberty economically and socially. 

Conservatives are not terrible people, and both sides have been growing and shifting for years. We are not racists. We are not sexists. However, we are often painted this way because when politicians like Senator Blackburn vote against misnomer bills like the Violence Against Women Act the media freaks out and misrepresents the contents of the bill. 

We don’t hate women. We hate bills that present themselves as a way to protect women when it actually restricts our freedom and rights.

Swift claims that it’s “right against wrong at this point.” No, Taylor. Often politicians create grey areas in the bills they draft, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. 

Legislative watchdogs are important so our freedoms can’t be taken away in the name of protecting the public, there is rarely a need to compromise privacy and liberty for safety. Politics will never be just right and wrong, if that were the case then the country wouldn’t be so evenly split between Democrat and Republican. 

Voting for or against a bill does not mean that you disagree with the bill’s concept, it means you worry about just enough of the bill’s contents to warrant a no vote.

I will never not love Taylor Swift, I have been a fan for years. I have turned to her music in my most sad and happy moments. The words she writes have spoken to me in ways no other artists have. She is an inspiration to so many people, and her politics will never change my mind about her. She’s inspired young people to go out to vote and has encouraged paying attention to American politics. I don’t see nasty hate in her heart, I just see confused finger pointing.

Swift has absolutely dealt with sexism in the music industry and has dealt with reputation attacks in her career. She has many excellent ideas, major success stories, incredible music, and this documentary showcases all of it. The movie was a great showcase of who she is, and despite the politics, I loved it.

Still, it disappoints me as someone who has looked up to her my entire life, knowing that because of my politics she would assume that I am at best foolish like her dad and at worst hateful like Senator Blackburn. 

Taylor Swift thinks conservatives are horrible people, and that’s how I know she doesn’t truly understand people like me. Voter registration doesn’t represent the entirety of a person’s character. Get to know your neighbors and find out why they believe the things they do before labeling them based on your assumptions.

Danielle is a college freshman at the University of North Georgia. Her interests include politics, coffee, her two dogs, and Taylor Swift. She's currently a columnist and content coordinator for Lone Conservative.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Danielle Edwards

University of North Georgia

Danielle is a college freshman at the University of North Georgia. Her interests include politics, coffee, her two dogs, and Taylor Swift. She's currently a columnist and content coordinator for Lone Conservative.

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