MANN: Bernie’s Difficult Decision


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Warren called him a sexist and a liar. Clinton called him incompetent and unlikeable. The media slights him again and again. Do they forget that leading the progressive wing, he alone decides the future of the Democratic Party?

Everyone’s favorite septuagenarian socialist is once again maintaining a sizeable position in the Democratic primary polls. Senator Bernie Sanders sits second to former Vice President Joe Biden and steadily in front of media darling Senator Elizabeth Warren. 2020 is Bernie’s second substantial attempt at seizing the presidency through the Democratic Party after losing to Hillary Clinton in 2016. In what was a sham primary election, Hillary was gifted the Democratic nomination over Bernie much to the disdain of Bernie’s faithful supporters. Those same supporters are out in droves to cheer on their hero for a second stab at the primary. Unfortunately for them, the DNC is taking a second and potentially final stab at Bernie. This leaves him with a choice—if he loses this primary, does Bernie stand up for himself or once again face humiliation to defeat Trump?

For what it’s worth, Bernie has been a bastion of consistency for the past two election cycles, keeping to his message of extreme centralization and progressivism. This has twice now been contrasted with the relative centrism of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. The parallels to 2016 are obvious with one exception—the media has submitted a third candidate who undercuts Bernie’s support. 

In 2016, the mainstream media adored Hillary Clinton. She was a lifetime politician and a woman in power who was catnip for the moral arbiters in the media. The establishment Democrats and media were in line. The frontrunner now, however, is neither sufficiently intersectional nor progressive and so the media submitted their own darling candidate: Elizabeth Warren. In response, the senator from Massachusetts has been the subject of stacks of opinion pieces adoring Warren. Her rise to third place is no doubt sucking votes from Bernie who stands to lose another election due to the Democratic Party’s disinterest in him. 

Bernie took the last election on the chin. He openly endorsed the centrist candidate Clinton who primaried him in a party to which he had only recently become a member in order to beat Donald Trump. She has since humiliated him. Amazingly, he again refused to fight back. Yet again, Bernie was humiliated by Warren and her ally CNN who accused Bernie of sexism on the debate stage. How can he take this constant abuse without doing anything?

If President Trump’s defeat is the goal, then Bernie will likely capitulate again. The DNC will use him as a doormat yet again and his base will reluctantly vote for whomever he endorses. His personal brand will be weakened even more so than it already is. 

However, should Bernie stick it to the party that has abused him again and again, his personal brand would reach uncharted heights. If he were to come out and list the garbage inflicted upon him followed by a third-party candidacy, he would vindicate himself—and finance a third house. This would undoubtedly split the Democratic vote and lead to another presidential term for Trump. 

The DNC’s response to this would be swift and lead the country down a more divided path. The party would have to continue on its trajectory towards deeper progressive socialism to appease the Bernie voters post-election, achieving Bernie’s lifelong goal of dragging the American political norm far left. 

The man in me roots for him to stick up for himself even though it goes against my personal apathy towards both Bernie and Trump. However, the probability theorist in me thinks we will likely see a continuation of the status quo in which Bernie cucks himself once more to the Democratic Party. 

Tanner is a born-and-raised West Virginian. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from West Virginia University and currently works as an Actuary. His interests include politics, physical fitness, professional soccer, and corgis.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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West Virginia University

Tanner is a born-and-raised West Virginian. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from West Virginia University and currently works as an Actuary. His interests include politics, physical fitness, professional soccer, and corgis.

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