Shy of gate-gate, one wonders what the next gate-worthy scandal will be. With the current gate scandal in progress, and more surely to come, it is time to catch up on the prominent gate scandals to hit American society.

Watergate (1972-1974)

Watergate is the only scandal where gate is not a suffix. Five men tied to President Richard Nixon bugged the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Hotel. All avenues, including the payment, led back to Nixon’s reelection campaign that he won by a significant margin. Nixon’s aides were later convicted of conspiracy and other charges, followed by resignation of top staffers. Eventually Nixon’s secret recordings were demanded by the Supreme Court; he refused. Then, the House Judiciary Committee began the process of impeachment. Nixon resigned, becoming the first president to resign in US history. His successor pardoned him of all charges related to Watergate.

Quailgate (2006)

Hunting accidents happen. In this instance, Vice President Dick Cheney shot Harry Whittington, a prominent lawyer from Austin. The shooting took place at the Armstrong Ranch near Kingsville, TX. Secret Service was there to tend to the man. Cheney also visited Whittington in the hospital. Most sources agreed that the main scandal is Cheney’s report of the shooting and minor issues with Cheney’s details. Mainstream media sources were upset they were not informed of the shooting, and Cheney said he had a beer after saying no one was intoxicated. Whittington suffered minor injuries and made a recovery.

Spygate (2007)

This is the first of two NFL scandals, both involving the New England Patriots. The National Football League seized Patriots’ film during a game against the New York Jets in 2007. According to sources, the Boston Herald reported the Patriot’s had filmed the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl XXXVI. New England’s Head Coach, Bill Belichek, denied the allegation. Eventually the Boston Herald retracted the reports. The allegation was that the Patriot’s had a history of video-taping opponents, but, with the original tapes against the Jets destroyed, uncertainty remains.

Gamergate (2014)

There are two fronts to the gamergate controversy. The first front is a breakup gone bad which led to the second front: ethics in journalism, and diversity and inclusivity in gaming. We’ll start with the second front.

The gaming industry has historically been a male-dominated space and, for the most part, still is. Journalists were targeted for publishing what gamers felt were hit-pieces. Dozens of articles labeling gamers as problematic and needing to be ended emerged. Gamers felt that being targeted was unfair and responded aggressively. As women sought to enter the gaming industry, it became easy to associate the hostility from gamers as hostility toward women.

The critique of the gaming culture stemmed from a breakup gone bad. An man posted details of his ex’s supposed scandalous behavior online, leading to her being doxxed and receiving death threats.

Deflategate (2015-2016)

The second NFL scandal, again involving the New England Patriots, involved an investigation into the Patriots allegedly using under-inflated footballs against the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady, the quarterback for New England used said footballs. The NFL determined it was probable the footballs had been tampered with and the Patriots were fined cash and draft picks.

Pizzagate (2016)

The 2016 race for the Presidency was dangerous for a pizza parlor in Washington DC. Rumors of a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton were started in late 2016. The rumor was that it ran out of a basement in the pizzeria. It quickly spread around the internet and into the hands of a North Carolina man who took it upon himself to confront the owners of the pizzeria. Wielding a rifle, the man entered the restaurant and discovered the truth: the establishment does not have a basement. Several shots were fired; no one was hurt.

Russiagate (2016-2019)

Russian interference in the 2016 US Presidential elections were the buzz for three years. The interference was specifically targeted toward thwarting Hillary Clinton’s campaign and boosting President Trump, but the question was Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians. After investigation, the now infamous Mueller Report and Barr Letter left much to be desired as to whether now President Trump was exoneratedeven though he was never formally charged. The report and letter are available for public consumption.

Now, we eagerly await the next gate. There are many other minor “gate” scandals; suffice it to say that these are the main ones to take note of.

Chase is a bit of an eclectic, entrepreneur-type pursuing a Degree in Accounting. Chase currently does cost accounting and bookkeeping professionals. In his free time, Chase enjoys cooking, writing stories, coming up with business ideas, and not cooking the books.

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Chase is a bit of an eclectic, entrepreneur-type pursuing a Degree in Accounting. Chase currently does cost accounting and bookkeeping professionals. In his free time, Chase enjoys cooking, writing stories, coming up with business ideas, and not cooking the books.

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