Ben Shapiro Discredits the Alt-Right and Their Far Left Accomplices


Monday, November 18, 2019

After a coordinated effort by the alt-right to smear TPUSA, YAF, and Trump supporters as being aligned with their grotesque views, Ben Shapiro tore into the alt-right movement at Stanford University. He discredited their critiques of the conservative movement and their disgusting views. Nevertheless, ignorant hecklers interrupted Shapiro’s lament against Nazis with chants demanding his removal from campus. Fortunately, the crowd enthusiastically backed the famed podcast and radio show host with chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

Throughout the speech, Ben Shapiro picked apart the asinine views of the far right and tore down their facade of “America First,” distinguishing between the intention of Trump’s slogan and the alt-right’s hostile takeover. Shapiro explains how the alt-right uses labels ambiguously to siphon off the credibility of conservatives, but they hold vile, racist, and anti-Semitic views that have no basis in conservative thought. 

Trump has repeatedly condemned white supremacists, yet the left continues to say that the Trump hat is equivalent with a Nazi’s swatsitika. In fact, the basis of conservatism lies in the Founder’s ideals in the Declaration of Independence. Shaprio remarked that it plainly states, “All men are created equal.” In short, the despicable views of the alt-right are entirely incompatible with Judeo-Christian value systemsvalues having nothing to do with skin color. 

Ben Shapiro also destroyed the alt-right’s pseduo-Chrisitianty, since they neither live out the biblical teachings of scripture nor do they participate in the local institutions they claim conservatives have abandoned. As Shapiro points out, true conservatives put all Americans firstregardless of racewhereas the alt-right grotesquely sanctions itself as a white-identity movement. Additionally, he points out that, for conservatives to truly win the culture war, conservatives must esteem “freedom, liberty, and the government not being involved in [our lives,]” while the alt-right tries to force its racist agenda through the violation of individual liberty (much like the far left). 

 Moreover, Shapiro calls out the left’s “nefarious relationship” with the alt-right. Shapiro points out that the left constantly “hears dog whistles,” but fails to detect dog whistles portraying Jews as insects

Most recently, a couple of Nick Fuentes’ supporters showed up at Ben Shapiro’s Boston University YAF event. Shapiro’s response to their attendance left the protestors frustrated because Shapiro defied their demands to debate Fuentes. Although Ben Shapiro acknowledges legitimate concerns of legal immigration and other policy issues, he rejects the notion of entertaining unscrupulous, nasty characters who cannot facilitate respectful discourse. 

In the end, mainstream media, leftist activists, and radical Democrats will continue to smear the likes of Ben Shapiro and his brand of conservatism despite there being a wealth of evidence against their claims. Unless those who disagree with conservatives can, in good-faith, distinguish between conservatives in the alt-right, the raging and vitriolic culture war will continue to flare, and the far left will symbiotically thrive with the alt-right in their love for identity politics. 

America needs a return to the founding ideals that made this country great, and people need to feel communal and individual purpose that Shapiro proselytizes for in his book, The Right Side of History. Fortunately, the Stanford and Boston crowd appeared to have diversity of thought as evidenced by the raised hands of people who disagree with Shapiro. This is the type of discourse and constructive disagreement America needs. 

 Most importantly, Ben Shapiro demonstrates the importance of Free Speech as he is able to obliterate the views of the alt-right with his voice. 

Without conservative voices like Shapiro fighting against the alt-right, their evil movement will continue to grow, but the left won’t support Shapiro’s right to Free Speech. The danger of conflating conservatives as ideologically similar to the alt-right lends unwarranted credibility to their insanely perverse views. 

Americans must fight off the imminent evil of the far left and right in a battle that is rooted in morality, not policy.

Troy Sargent attends the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. He writes in order to convey the importance of liberty and virtue in America. Outside of the political realm, Troy is interested in business and programming.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Troy Sargent

University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

Troy Sargent attends the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. He writes in order to convey the importance of liberty and virtue in America. Outside of the political realm, Troy is interested in business and programming.

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