Winners and Losers of 4th Democratic Debates


Monday, October 21, 2019



Elizabeth Warren

 Senator Warren, for the fourth debate in a row has refused to answer a basic question: Will taxes be raised under your health plan? Both Mayor Buttigieg and Senator Klobuchar went after her for her inability to give a simple yes or no. Warren did not have a good debate night not because of these attacks, but because of her inability to give ineffective responses. Even in a back and forth with Andrew Yang, where the Senator said she needed to look at data on mass job automation, Yang hit back with a simple, “I have the data.” Warren was the punching bag of this debate, giving neighboring frontrunners Biden and Sanders a time to shine. While Warren has been surging in the polls as of recent weeks and may continue to do so after this debate, the most notable changes may be with candidates like Yang and Buttigieg who are narrowly close to the top. 


Tom Steyer 

Who in the world is Tom Steyer? The billionaire and philanthropist was the clear elephant in the room. Being that many on this stage are against the billionaire and the corporate class, it is very ironic that a billionaire decided to run for President. Many of those on stage Nonetheless, Steyer did absolutely nothing to make himself stand out. He might as well have been a mannequin on stage. The only real action he got within the three hour debate was agreeing with Bernie Sanders that billionaires should pay significantly higher taxes. Tom Steyer is a loser in this debate because of the void he created on stage with his presence. If the Democratic Party were the Seattle Seahawks, Tom Steyer would be the 12th man. Just a fan looking from the outside, in. 


The Viewers

This was by far the worst debate so far during this debate season. The third round of debates were the worst at the time, and the Ohio debates essentially said “hold my beer.” There was very little substance in this debate with very repetitive topics from previous debates, along with the fact that the crowd was absolutely dead. Like, dead dead. There were no introductions as there were in the previous debates, as we did not get the opportunity to be introduced to Steyer and reintroduced to Congresswoman Gabbard. While I will say that CNN did do a better job of distributing time and advancing discussions, this was another three-hour show of candidates from the Democratic Party fighting over who can go the farthest left. 



The “Undercards” 

Instead of giving out many different winners for this debate, I will give out one winner slot for the “undercarders,” aka not named Warren, Biden, or Sanders. 

Candidates from Buttigieg to Yang to Klobuchar all had great performances in today’s debates. Yang had a good night showing that Universal Basic Income and Automation isn’t the only thing that he is running on. Yang during the debate was the only one on stage that stood behind the idea of decriminalizing opioids in order to more easily help addicts get rehab instead of putting them in jail. He also had great back and forths with Senator Warren and Senator Sanders concerning UBI Vs. Federal Jobs Guarantee as well as the impact of mass automation and outsourcing. He was also the only candidate on stage to say that the Trump impeachment inquiry is essentially a waste of time. Buttigieg had a very interesting exchange with Congresswoman Gabbard on the issues in Syria concerning Turkey and the Kurds. As the only two service members on stage, Buttigieg highlighted just for a moment why he may be a better commander in chief then Tulsi. He also went after Senator Warren as many others did for her Medicare for All plan

To finalize, Klobuchar probably had the most surprising performance of the night. She started off in the second hour of the debate by giving Senator Warren a “reality check,” and also stating that the billionaire on stage (Steyer) did not even want to protect billionaires. Even Congresswoman Gabbard who received the second least amount of speaking time had sensible answers to abortion and on building friendships with people that she disagreed with, stating, “I dont see deplorables, I see fellow Americans.” 

All four of these candidates used their time wisely on stage, and, if they use their post debate time wisely, may see an immediate boost in the polls. As much as we love to look at polling numbers for the top three candidates, I think it would be more interesting to see where these four go as we get closer to our first caucus this February in Iowa. 

President Trump, again 

I will make this short and sweet. This was by far the worst debate out of the four debates (six if you count the double debates in June and July). The quality of debates and content discussed has drastically decreased ever since the July debates. The only person that truly benefits from this is the incumbent President. What Democrats do not realize is that the more you bring up Trump, the more you feed into the machine that is the RNC and the “Silent Majority.” All that Americans are looking for is real practical solutions to everyday problems. Not three hours of “Orange Man Bad.” 

Jose Rodriguez, who also goes by “Francisco,” is a senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice double majoring in Political Science and Economics. He has previously served as President of his College Republican chapter, along with being a staff member on a gubernatorial race in New York.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jose Rodriguez

John Jay College

Jose Rodriguez, who also goes by “Francisco,” is a senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice double majoring in Political Science and Economics. He has previously served as President of his College Republican chapter, along with being a staff member on a gubernatorial race in New York.

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