LeBron James: Basketball player and TradCon


Friday, October 4, 2019

LeBron James is regarded by many, including me, as the greatest basketball player of all time.  

The 6’8’’ forward from Akron, Ohio is an athletic freak of nature who creates a new highlight every time he steps on the court. Also, he’s incredibly active off the court, engaging in acts of philanthropy and occasionally dabbling in politics. Like many professional athletes, celebrities, and Hollywood dwellers, LeBron James has been critical of President Trump and a vocal supporter of former President Barack Obama. 

Often Espousing left wing talking points, LeBron James would slide in nicely with the modern-day Democratic Party. His progressive views led him to be a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016, even joining her at a rally.

But what isn’t so progressive about LeBron James, something even “tradcons” applaud is his focus on family. LeBron James is a fantastic father and husband, and, as someone who is globally recognized, his devotion to his family is admirable.  

LeBron James married his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson in 2013. He has three kids who he constantly features on his social media, notably during his “Taco Tuesday” videos. Furthermore, James has never been in the news for a run in with the law, seemingly keeping a model citizen image away from the court.

Ok, so what? LeBron James is a good father, but why should we care? Let’s examine further.

LeBron James was born to a 16-year-old mother, and his father had an extensive criminal record, never becoming part of his life. His childhood was rocky, as his family constantly moved apartments in the rough neighborhoods of Akron, Ohio, while his mother often struggled to find consistent work. His situation at home was deteriorating so quickly that he eventually moved in with a man named Frank Walker who was a youth football coach.  

The unfortunate truth of fatherlessness, especially in the black community, is impossible to ignore. As someone who came from a single mother household, this issue means a lot to me, because, while I was blessed with an enjoyable childhood, I understand and can relate to LeBron James’ childhood circumstances. Last May, I wrote an article similar to this where I outlined the horrifying statistics of fatherlessness. The statistics that stuck out to me the most was the 47.6% poverty rate for female-headed households only, and a whopping 66% of black children growing up without a father in their life. Additionally, a child’s chance at substance abuse, aggression, or even suicide is greatly amplified in a fatherless home. In short, LeBron James could have very easily become another statistic, ending up on the streets, in prison, or battling drug abuse.  

What makes LeBron James’ story even more exceptional is how the absence of his father motivated him to be a better father himself. In an interview with Drake, the popular rapper, James elaborates on this, saying that he initially resented his father, but, as he grew older, started to sympathize with him and used that situation to be a better father to his own kids, so they didn’t have to experience the same thing.

Traditional conservatives, especially today, put a significant emphasis on the traditional family structure, noting its importance to their children and a well-functioning society. Now yes, just because he and his family are well known doesn’t make him a better father than others, but he always seems to use his platform to showcase his family and his passion of being a family man, which is what us traditional conservatives should applaud. 

As a tradcon and someone who wants to start a family, I can safely say LeBron James has been a model father and husband, and I cannot wait to tell my kids the story of LeBron James as a basketball player and as a family man. The tough circumstances he faced early in his life, and his ability to overcome and turn them into a positive is a bigger achievement than any NBA award

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Lou Scataglia

Waynesburg University

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

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