Conservatives Need to Defend Senator Sinema


Monday, September 23, 2019

Arizona Democrats decided early last week that they will be holding a vote to decide whether to censure Senator Kyrsten Sinema. 

On what charge? For being too moderate.

Unfortunately, we have reached a point in our political climate that any form of bipartisanship is seen as weak and betrayal, which is the opposite of what compromise should look like. As for the Arizona Democrats, Sinema has decided to work with President Trump to accomplish actual policy than resist in futility, which seems to be the preferred method of progressives everywhere.

As a conservative, I don’t agree with every single one of Sinema’s policies, but what I do find extremely refreshing is her willingness to cross the aisle and work with Republicans to meet the needs of her constituents. In fact, I would encourage Sinema to continue fighting the establishment.

Sinema has a record of being honest and fiercely independent, which is honorable. However, she also is extremely good at meeting the people where they are, even if they don’t agree. She has done her best to work for all Arizonians, as a senator should. 

Sinema used to represent a more liberal part of Arizona when she served in the House of Representatives, and her voting record shows that she was more liberal at the time. Now that she represents Arizonians as a whole, she has adjusted her voting record to represent Arizonians across the political spectrum.

During her time in the Senate, she has worked to support small businesses by cutting regulation. She also has voted to improve and protect our national parks, including the Grand Canyon. Sinema also supports a women’s right to choose and openly advocates for LGBT issues herself, especially since she is the first openly bisexual member of the Senate.

Arizona Democrats, on the other hand, have a problem because she didn’t support the initiative to reinstall net neutrality and that she chose to confirm both William Barr as Attorney General and David Bernhardt as Secretary of the Interior. And how dare she refuses to call out President Trump and his inflammatory statements, instead focusing on providing real solutions for Arizonians!

Additionally, let’s look at the political repercussions if the Arizona Democrats decide to censure Sinema. First of all, Sinema won primarily because of her support for centrist policies which attracted voters from both sides of the aisle, especially in Republican strongholds like Maricopa county. The reasoning for holding a censure vote is to push Sinema back to the left, according to the Arizona Democrats, which will only seek to alienate independent voters once again. Arizona Democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors. 

Personally, I would much rather have a senator who works across the aisle to actually provide solutions for their constituents, which is exactly what Sinema is doing. And the fact that she distances herself from the pettiness on Capitol Hill is testament to her willingness to do everything she can for Arizonians rather than for personal gain. Her fiercely independent attitude is quite refreshing and desperately needed in Congress, where it seems that partisanship takes dominion over any sort of attempt at solutions for the American people.

The vote being held by the Arizona Democrats to censure Sinema says more about them rather than the senator.


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Clay Robinson is an Economics student at Arizona State University. You can catch him tweeting, watching Parks and Recreation, or ordering an iced caramel macchiato.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Clay Robinson

Arizona State University

Clay Robinson is an Economics student at Arizona State University. You can catch him tweeting, watching Parks and Recreation, or ordering an iced caramel macchiato.

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