AOC Is Trying to Destroy the American Dream She’s Living


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Two years ago, current United States Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was working at a craft cocktail bar in Manhattan known as “Flat’s Fix.” Today, she is a member of Congress. 

Of course, it wasn’t easy, by any means. Having to go up against a ten-time incumbent, now-former Congressman Joseph Crowley, is certainly a tough feat. But, through hard work, sacrifice, and risk-taking, she has now become one of the key faces of the Democratic Party. 

Due to her new job in the Capitol, she is living the American Dream that millions of Americans spend their whole lives striving towards.

So, as a member of Congress, shouldn’t she attempt to make this dream become a reality for more Americans, especially her constituents in New York’s 14th congressional district? Well, according to the legislation she has sponsored and cosponsored, she doesn’t think so.

The most evident example of this comes courtesy of her flagship proposal, the Green New Deal. Within the legislation, Ocasio-Cortez calls for a complete restructuring of every part of American life, including the entire economy, that would, according to the American Enterprise Institute, cost the Federal Government approximately nine trillion dollars per year, or a little over seventy thousand dollars per American household. This would also cause poorer Americans to become even more strapped for cash, as their (already disproportionate) energy bills would rapidly escalate. Furthermore, it is also of note that the Green New Deal would also put crushing regulations on businesses, thus causing thousands of companies to close and unemployment to skyrocket. 

This piece of so-called legislation would be devastating to anyone who is trying to achieve the American Dream.

Another piece of legislation that AOC supports is the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act of 2019, or H.R. 397, and it could bankrupt Americans. This ludicrous bill will provide a bailout of over $638 billion in the form of loans and taxpayer-subsidized stock market investments to private union pension plans that fit into a certain criteria. This is a very risky strategy, as proved when Puerto Rico tried to issue pension bonds and investing the proceeds in 2008. This failed though, mainly due to the 2008 financial crisis, which caused them to default on over $1.5 billion of interest and principal. 

Furthermore, according to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, 96 percent of workers with multiemployer pensions in plans that are less than 60 percent funded, and thus qualifying them for bailouts under Ocasio-Cortez’s bill. With this drastic of a figure, it should be no wonder why the Pension Analytics Group, a nonpartisan organization, said the idea “would delay a weak plan’s insolvency, but would not prevent it.” Not only that, but the government has already proved to be incompetent with their own colossal pension plan known as Social Security, which has racked up more than $16.8 trillion in unfunded obligations. Truly, H.R. 397 is a nonsensical policy that will exacerbate the national debt that younger Americans will inherit, burden businesses with loans they can’t pay back, and fail to resolve the problem of private pensions in both the short and long run. 

These two bills are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AOC’s dream to destroy the American Dream for other Americans. Other insane policy proposals she supports are just as inane. 

H.R. 7, otherwise known as the Paycheck Fairness Act, would force businesses to pay equal wages for unequal work and would most likely lead to hiring discrimination, lower wages, lower productivity, increased business, and higher consumer costs, as noted in an article from The HillH.R. 1294, or the Employee Profit-Sharing Encouragement Act of 2019, would also hurt businesses. Unlike the name suggests, it would force employers, many of whom would be small businesses, to share at least 5 percent of their profits with its employees or lose all their eligible tax deductions.

It is clear to say that AOC’s policies would hurt all Americans, especially those who are trying to improve their quality of living. If her ideas are ever implemented, it’s clear to say the American Dream would become a distant memory. 

Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is in the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Daniel Elmore

Alexander Central High School

Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is in the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

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