CON: Moderates Are No Fun


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The 2020 election is approaching, and the winner of the Democratic Primary is undecided. Those contending run the gamut from moderate Democrats to outright socialists with Joe Biden representing the former and Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren the latter. Many desire a return to normalcy, but Republicans should be rooting for the radicals to meet President Trump in the general election as it would provide the best chance for continued right-wing control of the branches of government.

The democratic selection of a radical candidate puts President Trump in a good position for reelection. In recent polls, Trump is handily beaten by a moderate like Joe Biden. Such is not the case for radicals like Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris who poll very tightly with Trump. In addition, the status quo trends towards President Trump as it has been almost 30 years since America has relegated a president to only one term.

Recent disgraceful comments wherein Trump went after congresswomen of non-white ethnicities unified the democratic base against him. Throughout this next election, his greatest opponent will remain himself. However, in the past month, we have seen the Democratic Party schism along the moderate-radical line—a trend which a radical nominee would continue, deflecting pressure away from Trump’s regrettable gaffes.

The great drawback to this argument is simple—what if the “libs” win? The answer is best summarized by the great philosopher and scholar of telepathy, Peter Venkman: “earthquakes, volcanoes, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together—mass hysteria.” 

As evidenced in 2016, elections are not as predictable as they once were. If the two choices on the ballot are crazy and crazier, I suspect the polls will be not worthy of your attention. However, the probability of President Trump’s reelection goes through the roof if the opposition candidate is not a moderate. Therefore, though one would prefer Biden as opposed to Warren in the White House, shouldn’t we shoot for the best chance at winning? For simplicity, imagine a choice of two levers. Pulling Lever A consistently rewards $1,000, but pulling Lever B either takes $5,000 or rewards $5,000 with a slightly higher chance for the win. There’s a good case to be made for lever B. 

The Left has already successfully appended Trump’s personality onto the end of the conservative public image, so they have no incentive to back down from radicalization. Thus, the onus to moderate falls on the Right. The election of a radical democrat into the presidency would further embolden tribalism and I worry an even Trump-ier Trump will emerge from the Right. Conversely, inter-conservative debates seem to suggest a moderated synthesis between former libertarian ideals and post-Trump nationalism will run the Republican party by 2024.

Many Americans are begging for a return to normalcy, but that ship has long sailed for the foreseeable future. We have dug our grave with the election of national populism on the Right and our punishment due is the great backswing of the political pendulum. Democrats are always going to hate President Trump and they will continue to double down on insanity until he is ousted. Therefore he only has to win four more years and the Right can begin to repair their public image after that. Gun Control, late-term abortions, and untethered political correctness overlook our body politic bearing the face of beatable opposition for President Trump.

And of course, most importantly, the success of a radical candidate in the Democratic Party Primary would rocket the 2020 election to the pinnacle of political meme history. If you thought the comedic potential of presidential races peaked in 2016, imagine the confrontation between the village crazy and the village idiot. Rodney Dangerfield’s opponent upgrades from 2016’s James Lipton to 2020’s Harry Caray. It is masochism to engage in politics without a sense of humor so let’s hope the democrats elect their worst.

Tanner is a born-and-raised West Virginian. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from West Virginia University and currently works as an Actuary. His interests include politics, physical fitness, professional soccer, and corgis.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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West Virginia University

Tanner is a born-and-raised West Virginian. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from West Virginia University and currently works as an Actuary. His interests include politics, physical fitness, professional soccer, and corgis.

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