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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Radicalism Takes the Stage

Michael Jones

The main takeaway from the first set of Democrat debates? Radicalism isn’t just alive and well. It’s now the standard. This isn’t the party of JFK; it’s not the party of Bill Clinton; heck, it isn’t even the party of Barack Obama. Pre-2010 Obama would’ve been given looks worse than John Delaney was given when he said that straight Medicare rates for a year would tank hospitals. We heard the advocacy of policies like “free” healthcare for all—even for illegal immigrants—“free” college for all, the cancellation of student debt, total gun buy-backs, taxpayer-funded and unrestricted abortion, mass amnesty and open borders, the immediate repeal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and even the elimination of all private insurance plans. The current Democrats are taking harder left turns than a Nascar race. And, if nothing else is clear, it’s obvious that the taxpayers better buckle up.

Trump Holding Us Hostage

Daniel Buck

It’s a hostage movie with the villain holding a gun to someone’s head in the final scenes. Only in this case, he has his own son instead of a protagonist’s loved one. Similarly, Trump continues to threaten China, Mexico, and other countries with tariffs when the only thing actually threatened are American industries like farming and manufacturing. I’m all for Trump’s predilection for deal-making and hardline bargaining but I’d rather he’d threaten antagonistic nations with something other than the obliteration of our own industries.

Good Trump: Medical Service Price Transparency 

Tanner Mann

President Trump penned a new executive order on June 24th for a plan to increase price transparency from medical service providers. While no specific actions were included in the order, it promises a significant decrease in individual healthcare costs, calling on hospitals to publish procedure prices to allow the consumer to choose the cheapest option. As with most goods, an increase in freedom to choose yields an increase in competition which in turn yields potential savings. Thus the more hospital websites resemble McDonald’s menus, the more affordable healthcare becomes to the consumer. 

Mexico Sends Troops to the Border

Matt Noyes

Under pressure from President Trump, the Mexican government sent 15,000 troops to the border to police illegal border crossings. Trump threatened Mexico with a five-percent tariff on all imports that would gradually increase unless they worked to secure the border. Apprehensions over this issue, specifically at the South West border, have increased significantly when compared to recent years. Had Trump’s high-stakes betting failed, the tariffs would have been a detriment to the U.S. However, they seem to have worked, making this is a political win for Trump and, more importantly, a win for the U.S. as a whole.

Trump Calls Off Attack Against Iran

Lexi Lonas

U.S. planes and ships were in position to attack Iran after Iran destroyed a U.S. surveillance drone. However, Trump called off the retaliatory strike ten minutes before the operation was going to begin. While the reason Trump called off the attack is not 100% clear, he said in a tweet that the amount of people who would die from the strike was not proportionate to the drone Iran shot down. Whether this was a serious change of heart or a bluff the whole time, the President made the right choice in calling off this attack. We need to send a strong message to Iran that the United States will not let them get away with attacking one of our drones; however, a strike killing potentially 150 people is both a disproportionate retaliation and risky.

O.J. Simpson Joins Twitter

Nick Sammarco

This month, on the 25th anniversary of the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. Simpson joined Twitter. While it may be fun to watch O.J., who has gone from an American hero to an American pariah, rant on Twitter, we must all take a step back and consider whether or not giving a man like O.J. any attention is a good thing. Remember, although he was criminally acquitted in the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman, O.J. was found civilly liable for their deaths and ordered to pay restitution. Currently, O.J. has not paid a cent of the roughly $70m he owes to the Goldmans. Giving a man who is unable to accept responsibility for his actions any audience is not healthy for society. I urge the media to keep O.J. the way he was before he joined social media, irrelevant. 

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