The Pro-Life Movement: Five Women Who Lead the Way


Thursday, May 9, 2019

Abby Johnson

Johnson was the youngest person to ever become a Planned Parenthood director and, in 2009, showed no signs of stopping until she was asked to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion where her eyes were opened and she began to understand the gravity of what she was doing. Struggling to cope with what she saw, Abby continued working for Planned Parenthood until she was so sick with the thought of what they were doing that she took refuge with a local group that often protested at the clinic’s fence, the Coalition for Life.  Abby now runs a non profit called ‘And Then There Were None,’ which assists workers in leaving the abortion industry and finding further employment.

Bay Buchanan

Not exactly new to the spotlight, Bay Buchanan became the youngest person ever to serve as Treasurer of the United States at the age of 32. Now she works as a realtor in the DC area, and speaks for Young America’s Foundation (YAF).

At a recent conference in North Carolina for YAF Bay told the students, “ Be bold for the truth, and that they cannot be on the fence about abortion. Children’s lives are on the line. You can’t worry if you lose face, set those aside, this is important to me. Take a risk, you might be able to save lives if you are willing to be a true leader. Know the arguments, learn the talking points so that when you are asked you have an answer.”

Lila Rose

An activist since the age of 15, Lila Rose is a champion of the unborn. Live Action, the pro-life advocacy group she founded in 2003, reaches audiences through undercover videos, interviews on national television, investigations of Planned Parenthood clinics, and outreach on social media. In one of her first videos, Lila went undercover at a local PP clinic, where she assumed the role of a 15 year old girl who became pregnant after being raped.

Planned Parenthood workers told her to say she was 16, because then they wouldn’t have to file a report. Secretly recording the visit, Lila shook the world after the video was released. Lila continues to campion the unborn, striving for the day when each baby has a solid shot at life.

Obianuju Ekeocha

“Uju” is a specialist biomedical scientist who has made a name for herself by championing rights for the unborn. Born in Nigeria, she also takes the needs of Africa to heart. She’s authored the book Target Africa and founded the website “Culture of Life Africa,” which states: “The mission of Culture of Life Africa is to passionately preserve and promote, through good information, this Culture of Life and Civilization of Love.”

Obianuju routinely speaks out about abortion and how it’s unwelcome in Africa. She keynotes events, produces videos, writes books and maintains an impressive social media presence.

Patricia Sandoval

After Patricia became pregnant at the age of 19, her friends told her that it would be a huge mistake to have the baby, putting fear in her heart. Because of this, she went and had the first of three abortions. Each time, Planned Parenthood gave her condoms and birth control, telling her to practice “safe sex.”  Each time she got an abortion, her mental health was damaged. She started pulling out her hair, her emotional state was irrational and irritable.

After the three abortions, she started working at Planned Parenthood. It was hell. There were violent abortions and it wasn’t what she wanted, nor expected.

The breaking point came when a 16 year old came in for an abortion, pregnant with twins. After becoming addicted to drugs and living on the street for a time, Patricia hit rock bottom and rededicated her life to Christ. She now is a champion of the unborn, writing books, speaking, and helping with pro-life ministries.

Taylor Hunt is a recent homeschool graduate and three-time recipient of the "American Citizenship Award." If she is not reading, she is probably drinking coffee, serving at church or playing board games with the family.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Taylor Hunt

Modesto Junior College

Taylor Hunt is a recent homeschool graduate and three-time recipient of the "American Citizenship Award." If she is not reading, she is probably drinking coffee, serving at church or playing board games with the family.

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