North Carolina Governor VETOES Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act


Friday, April 26, 2019

On Thursday, April 18th, the Governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper (D), vetoed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The bill, also known as Senate Bill 359, makes it a Class D felony with a fine of up to $250,000 to fail to provide care for a child born after a botched abortion. This comes after the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam (D), supported infanticide earlier this year and a national version of the bill with the same name failed in the Senate by a vote of 53-44. The state version of the bill was passed in both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly with bipartisan support, but this will almost certainly not be enough to overturn Governor Cooper’s veto, as Republicans lost their veto-proof majority last fall during the 2018 midterm elections.

In a statement released with his veto, which was his first of this Assembly, Governor Cooper repeated Planned Parenthood talking points and said:

“Laws already protect newborn babies and this bill is an unnecessary interference between doctors and their patients. This needless legislation would criminalize doctors and other healthcare providers for a practice that simply does not exist.”

Sadly, this statement is incorrect. In a 2002 federal bill that passed unanimously, the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, the terms “person,” “human being,” “child,” and “individual” were defined as every infant born without exception. However, there were no penalties for a physician to not care for the born infant, thus making infanticide legal unless a new law was passed. Currently, only 31 states require some form of legal protection for babies born alive after a botched abortion. Furthermore, four states require medical care only if the baby is past the stage of viability, 22 weeks. These four states are Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wyoming.

Another incorrect statement within Cooper’s statement is that infanticide does not exist. This was proven wrong in 2013 with the trial of Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell was an abortionist who operated in West Philadelphia in the “house of horrors” abortion clinic. He was found guilty of murdering three born alive babies and of involuntary manslaughter of a patient as well. Furthermore, undercover videos from Live Action also found that some clinic workers put a baby born alive in a toxic solution to ensure its death.

Governor Cooper’s veto of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act was met with a bevy of pushback from conservatives. In a press release, Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, a North Carolina native, said the following:

“Shame on Governor Cooper for siding with extremists against innocent children and the will of his constituents …. North Carolina citizens are appalled by the extreme agenda on display in New York, Virginia, and several other states, as well as by Democratic Party leaders in Congress who have repeatedly blocked compassionate, popular legislation to protect vulnerable babies who survive abortions. It is no wonder state lawmakers, took decisive action of their own. Governor Cooper is radically out of step with North Carolinians and his record will be a liability with voters in 2020.”

Senator Joyce Krawiec (R-Forsyth) and Representative Pat McElraft (R-Carteret)  also issued the following statement in response to Governor Roy Cooper’s veto:

“Caring for a living, breathing, newborn infant is too restrictive for Governor Cooper’s radical abortion agenda.”  We thought Democrats would agree that children born alive should be separate from the abortion debate, but it’s clear that they want the ‘right to choose’ to even extend past birth. This is a sad day for North Carolina.”

The rise of support of infanticide, as well as other radical positions, in the Democratic Party should be worrying to people on all sides of the political spectrum. Only about thirteen percent of Americans say life begins at birth according to a 2019 Marist poll. Of course, this bill only affects someone who trying to commit infanticide, but this matter was not covered in this poll. This about one in ten number should frighten Democrats even more as all of the Democratic senators currently running for the Presidency voted against the national version of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

It has become apparent that radical leftism has engulfed the Democratic Party. We, as conservatives, must fight against this vile rhetoric and protect the lives of unborn human beings.

Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Daniel Elmore

Alexander Central High School

Daniel Elmore is a sophomore at Alexander Central High School in Taylorsville, North Carolina. He is the top of his class and is very active in local politics as well as his local food pantry.

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