“Do More Than Be a Mom.”


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My sixth semester of college started recently, bringing with it new classes in which I am often asked to introduce myself, state my major, and explain my career goals.

“Jaime, organizational communication, be a mom.”

Usually, that last answer is followed by a question or statement from a classmate or professor of “Why are you in college then?” or “You can do more than be a mom.”

Not only are these statements degrading to me and my goals, but they also reduce motherhood to an undesirable career.

Some women truly are created for raising children, a fact that should never be regarded as less demanding or deserving less respect than any other career. Why would raising the next generations of teachers, doctors, and policymakers not be regarded as the most important job in the world?

Scientific Developments Support Motherhood

The modern era of increasing developments in science and communication means motherhood is available for a growing number of women. Adoption, fostering, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and traditional conception have created a world in which more women can become mothers than ever before. The television show Friends has three main female characters who all have children in unconventional ways because the writers wanted to push against the stereotype that motherhood is supposed to happen in a strictly “acceptable” manner.

Moms Do More Than Have Babies

The number of careers a woman can claim as a mother is astounding: chef, tutor, maid, chauffeur, therapist, and #1 fan of her children. Oftentimes, women do all the traditional jobs of a stay-at-home mom while also having a job outside the home.

According to Business Insider, moms easily deserve over of $113,000 per year for 94 hours of work per week, and Forbes estimates the number even higher at $115,000 per year for 97 hours of weekly work.

Considering the value women add to society by filling it with happy, clean, socially positive children, they deserve more credit. A woman should not receive backlash due to her desire to be a mom when moms do far more work than the world acknowledges.

Being a Mom Doesn’t End Your Life

Despite the modern push for women to pursue a degree rather than having a family, raising children doesn’t mean a woman has to give up her career goals. According to a 2014 study by Pew, stay-at-home moms are typically less educated than career women, but that doesn’t mean they are less intelligent.

There are plenty of examples to follow that will prove that being a mom doesn’t have to prevent anyone from reaching their career goals even if it might require a woman to “hop off the train” for a brief time. The same study also reports that 71% of mothers work outside the home at least part-time.

A society that tells women their goals are unachievable if they have the “nuisance” of children stopping them is a society that greatly underestimates the strength, adaptability, and love that enables a mother to go above and beyond what anyone could expect.

The following are several prominent women who give credence to the argument that motherhood is truly a treasure to be appreciated, not a second choice to be looked down upon:

Kylie Jenner: Jenner posted a video on her YouTube channel after the birth of her daughter Stormi which followed the pregnancy, baby shower, and delivery of her child. In interviews of shower attendees, multiple friends of the 21-year-old state that she “was born to be a mom.” This obvious gift didn’t stop her from reaching any career goals, however, as the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan recently also became the richest.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: One half of the first reality television couple, Rachel Campos-Duffy has given birth to eight children between the ages of 19 and 2. After being named woman of the year by the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute in 2018, she gave a speech at CBLPI’s Florida Women’s Summit in which she expressed that having a successful career is wonderful, but a woman should never be convinced that she cannot also have a family. In fact, Rachel often says that if someone decides she wants to take a break from her career to have children, it is never too late to get off the train and never too late to return to it either. Her current career as a Fox News contributor is proof of this.

Colleen Ballinger: Famous for creating the character Miranda Sings on YouTube, Colleen Ballinger gave birth to her first child just before Christmas 2018. Her successful career includes YouTube, books, a Netflix show of her own, and guest appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. One look at her Instagram account will show that this baby will receive endless love, attention, and praise from his thrilled mother.

Bethany Mandel: Mandel is a  writer and mother of three who gave birth to her last child in the backseat of an Altima. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts display how much she loves motherhood, and her commitment to their education is obvious as she is developing her own Jewish homeschooling curriculum. Despite her sometimes harsh postings online (she IS from New Jersey), she constantly dotes on her precious kids and clearly would do anything for them


These moms, as well as others, do the world an immense favor by showcasing that motherhood is something to be celebrated, not a burden that brings life to a stop. When mothers are appreciated for the hard work that motherhood is, more women my age will be able to avoid sentiments telling us to do more than be a mom.

Jaime Hahn is a sophomore economics major at Kennesaw State University, where she is chair of her Young Americans for Freedom chapter. She is passionate about Whitesnake, Winston Churchill, and winning peers to the conservative movement.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Jaime Hahn

Kennesaw State University

Jaime Hahn is a sophomore economics major at Kennesaw State University, where she is chair of her Young Americans for Freedom chapter. She is passionate about Whitesnake, Winston Churchill, and winning peers to the conservative movement.

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