Why the Border Wall is a National Emergency and Debunking the “Precedence” Argument


Monday, February 18, 2019

In the midst of a political wall put up by the Democrats in Congress, President Trump’s options for his long promised Mexican Border wall are limited. Due to Congress’ rejection of a proposal that included  $5.7B for the southern wall, the President has called the border crisis a national emergency. This will enable the President to fund and build the wall without congressional approval.

Since calling the emergency, both sides of the political aisle have expressed their concern for what “precedent,” this bypass of congressional approval sets for future presidency’s. Among the left, “activists” are convinced that this act of calling a national emergency to get a project done, is the beginning of a dictatorship in the United States. The left continues to ignore the crisis at the US Mexican Border since President Trump has brought attention to it.

If we look at the facts, it’s easy to see the importance of building a border wall as soon as possible. First we will look at the flow of drugs and violent offenders coming through the fenced border currently, then we will examine the recent history of the previous president calling national emergencies to advance an agenda.

From 2016-2018, according to U.S. Border and Customs, 27,632 illegal aliens that are convicted criminals have been apprehended the southern border. Currently, only a shoddy fence separating Mexico and the United States keeps criminal aliens from entering America and roaming our streets. American citizens such as Kate Steinle and Police Cpl. Robin Singh, were both murdered by illegal aliens with a criminal record and have paid the price of undocumented criminals crossing the border.

With a vast expanse of land that encompasses the border, border patrol cannot possibly bust every illegal crosser. A wall would buy valuable time for border agents to spot and apprehend potential criminal aliens. If everyone entering the U.S via airplane or boat has their belongings searched, and identity verified, why shouldn’t people walking across the border?

Along with convicted criminals, illegal substances also cross the border at staggering rates, which contribute greatly to the current Opioid crisis. The only efficient way for President Trump to get funding and build the wall is to call the crisis at the border what it is, a national emergency. An additional benefit of officially naming the crisis a national emergency is that it bypasses the political meandering in favor of protecting the American people.

Although this action of building the wall with funding for a national emergency may not produce the exact results supporters are looking for, it highlights the Democrats stubbornness of recognizing a threat to the American people only because the President recognizes it. Long term, this show of force by the President can be utilized to fire up the base for upcoming elections and prove that he’s willing to confront the stubborn hard left House of Representatives to give his base what they want, which is border protection.

Now looking at the history of presidents calling for National Emergencies, we examine Former President Barack Obama’s track record of calling emergencies. He declared a total of 13 national emergencies, mostly pertaining to foreign conflicts.

The Democrat’s tantrum over the President setting a precedence for future leaders to bypass congress is hypocritical. Obama bypassed Congress by his authority multiple times, yet the outrage seen now was nearly non-existent during his presidency.

Today, bypassing Congress is in the President’s best interest as leftist politicians continue to ignore American citizens in favor of “resisting” anything and everything President Trump does and says. Any denial that there is an emergency at the southern border is ignorant and will ultimately lead to more dangerous people entering the our country.


The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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