BREAKING: Video Shows Stanford Student Caught Stealing Flowers from Pro-Life Event


Friday, February 8, 2019

A video reported by Students for Life Communications Director Matt Lamb shows a Stanford stealing flowers from a pro-life event and then refusing to return them after he was caught.

The incident took place on Tuesday, January 29th around 4 p.m., according to the article.

The flowers were taken from an event titled, “Cemetery of the Innocents” that was co-hosted by the Stanford Students for Life and Stanford College Republicans.

The event involves making and displaying 300 crosses– each cross representing 10 lives– to represent the number of lives lost to abortion each day in the U.S. More about the event can be found here.

In this particular event, flowers were paired with the crosses. The video shows the student holding a handful of them.

As the video shows, Stanford University Students for Life, and SFLA Regional Coordinator Anna Bakh approaches the student after he has been engaged by some other SFL students while trying to take up as many crosses and flowers as possible.

You can then see Bakh and other SFL members repetitively ask the student to give the flowers to them and just leave. The student keeps resisting and urging them not to video him. Bakh lets him know that they won’t use the video if he just gives them the crosses and flowers and leaves. Still, he continues to resist.

Bakh also continuously informs the student that the crosses and flowers are the private property of the club and that him taking them is theft.

Then, it heats up some as Bakh lets the student know that they are about to call security on him and that all the student has to do is return the flowers. To that, the student responds that he “understands,” but then counters, saying that, “It’s also as simple as taking those down” and “respecting people’s choices and being a decent human being.”

When Bakh responded that people should respect “other people’s opinions, their property, and their display,” the student murmured, “Their opinions… ugh” and just shrugged it off.

Those dang people with their different opinions.

Additionally, the SFL students repeatedly asserted that they were willing to have a civil discussion with him. Nonetheless, the student just kept ignoring them. Even after he spurted a few talking points about abortion, the SFL students simply repeated that they were willing to discuss it.

Finally, Bakh called security. The student then got flustered and said he didn’t “understand the purpose of a public stunt to, like, demean other people’s opinions.”

Then, after an SFL student told the student that he didn’t understand why he put himself in this situation, the student responded that he didn’t “understand why you had to do this to other people.” Subsequently, the SFL student then told he’s the one hurting himself, the student responded, saying, “I mean, it might be worth hurting myself for.”

The student then started picking up more flowers before finally relenting and giving them the flowers while mockingly helping them clean up the event.

In an interview with the Students for Life, Bakh said of the event: “The SSFL’s memorial of the lives lost to abortion was a beautiful display that sparked many mind changing conversations. It is sad to see a student not only attempt to destroy such a beautiful memorial, but to also refuse to converse with us.”

“It is unacceptable that students resort to vandalism when they disagree with the prolife viewpoint,” she said. “We encouraged this particular student to dialogue with us and participate in an open conversation, rather than resorting to destruction. Unfortunately, this has become a theme across the nation and even Stanford University is no exception.”

Stanford University did not immediately respond to Lone Conservative’s request for comments prior to the publishing of this article.



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Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

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Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

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