LONAS: 9 Ways Women Can Get Involved In The Conservative Movement


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The average person gets a smile or a slight head nod from a passersby; I get dirty looks. One student told me that I “didn’t care about people.” As a conservative woman, meeting like-minded people on a college campus can be tough and getting involved in politics there can seem tougher. However, there are an abundance of organizations that actually make it pretty easy. Here are 9 organizations you could join to get involved in the conservative movement:

1. Lone Conservative

Lone Conservative is a platform for young conservatives to get their articles published for the first time and work with other students their age.  From high schoolers to recent college graduates, anyone can join.

“So without lone conservative I would have never found the courage to come out as gay. They gave me the platform to write out how I was feeling as a lesbian in the 2016 election. Lone Conservative is more than just a publication for me, it’s a second family.”

  • Amanda Kemp, Media Relations for Lone Conservative

2. Future Female Leaders 

FFL wants to foster a network of conservative women. They offer articles and merchandise that help promote conservative values and a contributor program that gives women a practical way to take their first steps.

“FFL is an amazing organization that boosts girls confidence and intelligence with articles, merchandise, and programs. I could not be more glad that I joined and became a part of their team.”

  • Danielle Edwards, Cabinet Member at FFL

3. Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

CBLPI offers internships, leadership training seminars, conferences, and speakers to help jumpstart women’s careers and build their confidence as leaders in the conservative movement.

“My first internship was at the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute… My internship with them helped me learn more about conservatism, and it helped strengthen my beliefs, so I can defend them on campus once I am in college.”

  • Rose Laoutaris, Fall internship with CBLPI

4. Young Americans for Freedom

YAF gives young conservatives the tools to start a conversation and the facts to back up their beliefs with conferences, seminars, educational materials, YAF chapters, internships, and speakers for events all across the country.

“I have attended multiple YAF conferences and have heard from the most influential voices in the conservative movement, and because of that I have never felt more prepared and ready to take on hot-button issues..”

  • Casey Dickinson, Belmont YAF chapter

5. Network of Enlightened Women

NeW gives young women the opportunity to start a NeW chapter or book club on their campus that encourages young conservative women to connect and support each other at a time when angry activists seem to dominate campuses.

“Through NeW, I am exposed to new and innovative ways to grow my network while also grounding me in ideals I hold so dearly. If “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are words you live by, then the enlightened women of NeW will create a place for you!”

  • Magdalene Horzempa, President of NeW UNC-Chapel Hill Chapter

6. Leadership Institute 

Leadership Institute is a very respected organization that gives conservatives of all ages the opportunities to succeed in the conservative movement through training for campaigns, fundraising, grassroots organizing, youth politics, and communications.

“If it wasn’t for Morton Blackwell, and the amazing team he has assembled, I would not be where I am today. The Leadership Institute taught me about politics, how to write, be on camera, organize others, and most importantly have confidence”

  • Kassy Dillon, Interned at LI

7. Heritage Foundation

One of the biggest think-tanks in America with over 500,000 members, the Heritage Foundation fights for conservative principles everyday in Washington and all around the country. Heritage offers internships for young conservatives who are passionate about conservative policy and the movement at large.

“Heritage really helped me understand what it meant to hold conservative principles. By introducing me to the brilliant minds fighting for conservative values and teaching others what it meant to pursue those values, really helped me grow as a conservative and feed a hunger I had to learn more about what it meant to be a conservative.”

  • Lexie Bess, interned for the Heritage Foundation

8. PragerFORCE

PragerFORCE is a movement of conservative students that use social media to inform and influence people on conservatives principles and policies. They accept both high school and college students and is a great way to influence others on social media.

“Not only does it strengthen the engagement of PragerU’s media, but also gives me a platform to engage people with my ideas. When I watch PragerU videos, I get knowledge of historical/political concepts in a concise, easy to understand way which helps me relay that information to an audience through my articles. If you’re not in PragerFORCE, you should be!!”

  • Ellie Hicks, PragerFORCE member

9. EmPOWERed 2A

Are you passionate about guns? EmPOWERed 2A is an organization that allows women on college campuses to advocate for their gun rights for self defense. You can get involved by becoming a state chair or you can intern there!

“EmPOWERed has helped me understand my state’s gun laws more and has helped me know what I exactly need to target when spreading awareness about women fighting back against anti-2A laws.”

  • Sienna Knox, Intern for EmPOWERed 2A

With the variety that comes with individuality, it is nice that there is such a variety of potential organizations to join. No matter your interest or minutiae of opinion, there is a conservative organization that can fit your needs. This list is just a starting point. One of these organization could be where you call home and I encourage any of you who are interested to dig further to find out which place is right for you.



Alexandra Lonas is a student at The Pennsylvania State University of Altoona. She is a sophomore who is hoping to pursue a career as a political commentator. She is the president of the political science club and enjoys hiking, reading, and learning about other people's ideas.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Alexandra Lonas

Pennsylvania State University of Altoona

Alexandra Lonas is a student at The Pennsylvania State University of Altoona. She is a sophomore who is hoping to pursue a career as a political commentator. She is the president of the political science club and enjoys hiking, reading, and learning about other people's ideas.

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