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Thursday, January 17, 2019

With another midterm election cycle in the books, some American voters voted for change. They voted for fresh faces, and new beginnings. Among a handful of new Senators and a plethora of adolescent representatives, the future of our respective parties is effectively in their hands. Career politicians will soon hibernate for the rest of eternity, so new faces from each side will get their opportunity. Below is a short list of Congress members, both Democratic and Republican, who will eventually rise through the ranks of their parties, asserting political dominance.

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D, NY-14

Dubbed “AOC,” Cortez ran a fantastic grassroots campaign, literally putting holes in her shoes knocking doors across her district. While her political knowledge is mediocre at best, she’s garnered national media attention for her fiery personality and popular tweets. As the Democratic party moves farther left, Cortez and her socialist ideas will become increasingly popular among the left.

  • Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO)

Josh Hawley, only 38 years old, defeated incumbent Claire McCaskill on November 6th. Previously, he held the office of Attorney General of Missouri for over a year.  With the average age of U.S. Senators nearing 60, it’s refreshing to see a young face– especially one as young as Hawley. I believe Hawley will serve as a solid constitutionalist in the Senate and eventually make a run at the presidency.

  • John James, Senate candidate (R-MI)

Perhaps the left’s worst nightmare in the future, John James will soon be the face of the Republican Party. As a businessman, James decided to challenge the three-term incumbent Debbie Stabenow. Even though he lost the election, he became the only Republican to come within 10 percentage points in a Michigan Senate race since 2000. Furthermore, reports surfaced of President Trump considering James to replace Nikki Haley’s position as U.N. Ambassador. James is a military veteran, incredibly well-spoken, and a dark horse candidate for President in 2024.

  • Rep. Conor Lamb, D, PA-18

Who I consider to be the GOP’s biggest challenger in a few years, Conor Lamb is a former federal prosecutor, Marine, and current representative in Pennsylvania’s 18th district.  Defeating Rick Saccone in a special election, Lamb recently won re-election in November. A true moderate, Lamb should be the new face of the Democratic Party eventually. Although, as the party moves farther left, Lamb could be seen as not radical enough to fit their liking. At only 34, Lamb is a mere infant in the political world and an eventual Presidential candidate.

  • Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R, PA-14

Western Pennsylvania is turning into a hotbed of strong political figures. As the Democrats boast Conor Lamb, the Republicans will soon boast Guy Reschenthaler. A former Navy veteran, attorney, and judge, Reschenthaler has slowly worked his way through the ranks of political offices. Winning a state senate race in 2015 and proceeding to lose the 2018 PA-18 special election nomination to Rick Saccone, Guy turned his attention to the PA-14 race, beating Saccone in the nomination, and defeating the Democratic challenger, Bibiana Boerio, receiving 58% of the vote. Reschenthaler, praised for his intense likability, is a politician the GOP will need to utilize in the future. Given his current trajectory, I expect Reschenthaler to challenge current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf in 2022.


The future of both parties is bright. As Senators age out and Governors finish their terms, the left and right will be in dire need of fresh faces. Those listed above will soon begin their tenure serving in the American government in January, beginning to make their political mark. It’ll be up to the American voter to decide the fate of these dedicated young professionals, who will undoubtedly become household names in the future.

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Lou Scataglia

Waynesburg University

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

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