The Democrats’ Jewish Problem: Tlaib and Omar


Monday, January 14, 2019

Throughout human history, there is perhaps no bigotry as enduring as antisemitism. For thousands of years, Jewish people have been subjected to unimaginable horror and despair, simply because they are Jews. One would think that nearly seventy-five years since the Shoah, “liberals” of all people would be militantly opposed to antisemitism in all its heinous forms. Given that many on the hard-left brazenly blurt out “Nazi” and “fascist” when confronted with center-right and right-wing viewpoints, would it be foolish to presume that leftists would oppose anti semitism, Nazism’s central tenet?

I have no doubt that most Democrats are good and decent people that care deeply about combating injustice. However, the hard-left’s impending take-over of much of the party should concern all Americans, particularly Jews. The unfortunate truth is that Jew-hatred is all too common both on the far-right and the far-left. Given recent developments in Europe, the Middle East, and here in this land, leftist opposition to Nazism appears to have little to do with the interests of Jews. Our new Congress demonstrates this dilemma.

Newly sworn in Democratic Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) and Ilhan Omar (MN-5) are bona fide leftists, joining Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez in the far-left fringe of the Democratic caucus. Their honest admission of their own extremism is both refreshing and frightening. While the news media and the public are still reacting to Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment remarks, the media is glossing over far more concerning comments from Congresswoman Tlaib.

Anti-Israel, pro-Farrakhan activist Linda Sarsour accompanied Tlaib at her swearing-in. Shortly after, Israel on her office map was replaced with “Palestine.”

Days later, on January 6th, Tlaib tweeted:

“They forgot what country they represent. This is the U.S. where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality. Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away.”

Congresswoman Tlaib, who wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag after her election in November, is accusing Congress, Jews and non-Jews, of dual-loyalty to the Jewish State. The American Jewish Committee released a statement condemning Tlaib, stating:

“The charge evokes classical anti-Semitic tropes about dual loyalty—in this case applied to some lawmakers who are not even Jewish—that have no place in our political discourse.”

Neither Chuck Schumer, nor Nancy Pelosi, nor any prominent Democrat, has criticized Tlaib for her bigoted rhetoric. In contrast, numerous Republicans expressed outrage at Steve King’s racist remarks.

Truth be told, Tlaib has exhibited anti semitic behavior for many months. In December, she announced that she will be not be attending AIPAC’s bipartisan trip to Israel, but plans on leading a delegation to the “occupied West Bank” instead. She also expressed support for the Nazi-esque BDS movement against Jewish Israeli goods. In response to praise of her BDS support, Tlaib bizarrely tweeted:

“I took on billionaires in my state for years who trampled on working people. I don’t do things because I think people are watching. I do it because it is who I am.”

Once again, the Congresswoman invoked classical anti semitic trope, this time about Jewish wealth and power.

Furthermore, immediately following her primary victory, Tlaib endorsed a one-state “solution” to the Israeli-Arab conflict. She thus effectively supports the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State in order to grant Arabs more land. A one-state “final solution” would inevitably lead to the the slaughter of thousands, if not millions, of Jews, and would force the Jewish people back into an endless diaspora.

Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota also has a questionable relationship with the Jewish community. In November 2012, Omar tweeted:

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza  #Palestine #Israel

Even her most ardent defenders will have trouble spinning this as anything other than blatant anti semitism.

In response to renewed criticism following her congressional run, Omar defended her tweet, blamed bigotry for criticism and slandering the “apartheid Israeli regime.” To Ilhan Omar and other far-leftists, a refuge for Jews is somehow an “apartheid regime” that must be stopped. Mimicking Rashida Tlaib’s dishonest maneuver, Congresswoman Omar also endorsed the BDS movement, after being elected.

In the wake of the horrors of the Shoah, Jews reclaimed their ancient homeland and rediscovered their national identity. Today, it is as clear as ever that Omar, Tlaib, and much of the far-left do not support Jewish aspirations for liberty and survival. Yet, the Democratic Party, home to American Jews for nearly a century, has been reluctant in condemning this hatred. In a lamentable way, the victories of Omar and Tlaib underscore the importance of Israel: The world has not learned from the unspeakable tragedy of the Holocaust, therefore the Jews must.

Jake Fradkin is an incoming freshman at Georgetown University. Jake's interests include mathematics, politics, history, tennis, and writing (and his dog Hulio). His writing tends to focus on the Constitution and foreign affairs.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Jake Fradkin is an incoming freshman at Georgetown University. Jake's interests include mathematics, politics, history, tennis, and writing (and his dog Hulio). His writing tends to focus on the Constitution and foreign affairs.

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