President Trump’s Top Ten Tweets


Thursday, December 20, 2018

As social media continues its dominance, it seems as if everyone has some form of social media now. From your 50-year-old mother to your 75-year-old grandmother, people old and young, popular or not, have dabbled in the various forms of online interaction. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop with the 72-year-old President of the United States.

President Trump, the most powerful man in the world, annoys and entertains his tens of millions of social media followers with his boisterous tweets and hilarious nicknames. For this reason, we felt it appropriate to rank some of POTUS’ best tweets. Below is our list of President Trump’s top 10 tweets.

Remember “haters and losers,” the President of the United States has a higher I.Q. than you! This tweet came over three years before he took office and remains one of his most popular ones.


The infamous Ball family never could seem to stay out of the news, mostly thanks to their father, LaVar. About a year ago, LiAngelo, one of LaVar’s 3 boys, was allegedly caught shoplifting in China. Fortunately, he wasn’t charged with anything, as Trump took to Twitter to take responsibility for “saving” LiAngelo.





Even though this tweet was deleted hours later, it still ranks among the best. What does “covfefe” mean? Will we ever truly know what the President was thinking?


Ah yes, nothing like a good conspiracy theory from… *removes glasses* the President of the United States.


In one of his most underrated tweets, Trump chimes on the 3-year-old NFL investigation in the New England Patriots and their alleged acts of deflating footballs.


His nicknames might be the most entertaining thing about the man. “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd felt the brunt of this fiery Trump tweet.


Another interesting nickname, “Sloppy Steve” might be the most descriptive one. Trump and Bannon were buddies at one point, although Bannon now finds himself the punchline of many Trump jokes.

Trump has a button, and it’s bigger than yours, or at least, bigger than Kim Jong Un’s. I guess when you have access to our nuclear codes, you also have access to a big, beautiful red button. What makes this tweet even better is the “depleted and food starved regime,” directing a clear hit at his communist ways.


Although the tweet is rather insulting, it’s still clearly entertaining, considering President Trump drinks Diet Coke himself. Also, he’s apparently a fast food fanatic, which is obviously slight unhealthier than Diet Coke. So, is this a jab at Diet pop drinkers or an attempt at a self-own?


However you view Trump, we can all agree his tweets are, at the very least, somewhat funny. His tweets attract the attention of millions of Twitter users around the world, and they don’t seem to be stopping. If he wins another term, expect even more content from our Commander-in-Chief.


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