Republicans Hold Ohio, Trump’s 2020 Chances Increase


Thursday, November 22, 2018

In the 2018 midterm elections, Ohio, one of the most important battleground states in the nation, took center stage once again. With races for Attorney General, Auditor of State, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State, Governor, down ballot races for their Supreme Court, State Representative, and the State Senate.

Republicans swept Democrats statewide, keeping all statewide offices except the two open Supreme Court seats in Republican control. Republicans also kept their majority in the Statehouse and State Senate.

Many news organizations characterized this race as one of the biggest toss ups in the nation, yet Governor-Elect DeWine won by over 100,000 votes. With a full sweep of statewide offices without incumbent candidates, Ohio once again characterized itself as a Red State.

Having a Republican governor and State Legislature has shown to help the chance of the Republican nominee for President to win the electoral votes for that candidate. President Trump aided Mike DeWine’s victory with a rally the night before the election, and with two others during the election cycle: one focused in Lebanon, Ohio for congressman Chabot, and another in Delaware, Ohio during the special election in Ohio 12 for Troy Balderson.

Democrats did not have complete failure in Ohio, however. Democrats made several seat gains in the State House, including district 19 which was previously held by Republican Anne Gonzales. Gonzales ran for the State Senate instead, and the Republican running for her seat was defeated. Democrats made gains in suburban districts throughout Ohio.

In a victory email sent to subscribers, Ohio GOP chairwoman Timken said, “Over the last eight years, Republicans have delivered for Ohio. For the next four years, Republicans will continue working hard to build a stronger future for all Ohioans!” The alleged “blue wave” was stopped in Ohio, as GOP leadership won over the Ohio voters once again.

In the 2020 Presidential campaign, Ohio appears to be within play for the Trump 2020 campaign. Ohio Republicans have proven themselves worthy of holding state offices once again.

Eric Cox is from Gahanna, Ohio. He is a freshman at Bowling Green State University studying Political Science and Communication.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Eric Cox

Bowling Green State University

Eric Cox is from Gahanna, Ohio. He is a freshman at Bowling Green State University studying Political Science and Communication.

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