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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lone Conservative has created something special by giving young conservatives a platform to have their opinions heard and it is all thanks to its founder, Kassy Dillon. Kassy has built her profile by helping others with similar issues on their college campuses to get their voices out to the public. The way she became active in politics and what she has done with her platform has inspired many young conservatives.

Kassy has been writing ever since high school. She was Editor in Chief for both her school yearbook and newspaper her senior year. She became a part of Relay for Life in high school and planned an event for the group her junior and senior year. On top of this, she attended classes at Westfield State University her senior year.

Kassy Dillon then went to Mount Holyoke college where she studied Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations. In her junior year of college, along with being the President of College Republicans and state chair of Massachusetts Young Americans for Liberty, she decided to start Lone Conservative. She started Lone Conservative after an internship at DC and writing for Campus Reform.

The name “Lone Conservative” came from the feeling she got at her college because she was one of the only open conservatives on her campus. That did not stop her from speaking up in class and having debates with her classmates and professors. Lone Conservative reflected an environment Kassy wanted a place where conservatives could voice their opinions and she has created exactly that.

There are Lone Conservative contributors from many different states, countries, and contributors have a range of ideas on many issues. Lone Conservative represents conservative and libertarian values primarily.

Kassy told The Daily Wire in an interview they accept students who do not have the best writing skills because the team is willing to help them develop as authors and editors. Lone Conservative has a tight knit group of people who communicate on a regular basis and the team has a strong bond.

It’s not a surprise that Kassy felt the need to create a website like this to help young conservatives. Ever since she captured the video that has since been labeled, “Trigglypuff,” she has forced people to open their eyes and look at instances of extreme behavior from those on the left, especially on college campuses.

Kassy has also helped students with activism. She was part of a conference in Boston where students were able to listen to various speakers teach students how to become involved on their campuses and showcase numerous potential internships for the students. Kassy is also constantly updating Lone Conservative contributors with information regarding internship opportunities and study abroad programs.

In addition to helping others become active in the political scene, Kassy has been directly involved in journalism and student activism. She worked for the CARLY for America super pac, where she had the opportunity to meet Carly Fiorina and her husband a few times. She has also interned for the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker.

On top of being the Founder of Lone Conservative, she has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, Washington Examiner’s Red Alert Politics, and Campus Reform. Today, she writes for The Daily Wire. In her time working with The Daily Wire she has attended Politicon and recently took a trip to our southern border, where she made an eye-opening video on the border wall.

She has been able to give other conservatives a chance to speak out while also building her own political career. Kassy Dillon has been able to become a successful political commentator at such a young age, which gives inspiration to any young conservative hoping to go into the political world.

Whenever I am asked what I want to do in the future, my response is, “Exactly what Kassy Dillon does.” She is an inspiration to me and has encouraged me to accomplish my goal of becoming a political commentator. Her courage and success is something I hope I can accomplish in my own life, and that is why she is my conservative hero.

“I’ve never met someone who has been such a role model. As a young female conservative, having a fellow conservative woman to look up to us such a blessing. Kassy has given me so many opportunities, I can’t even begin to describe how much they’ve impacted my life.” – Ella McRoberts

“Kassy has always been willing to give me and others in Lone Conservative opportunities while also encouraging us to continue to improve ourselves. She wants us all to succeed and pushed us to utilize our strengths so that we may surpass our own perception of our capabilities. In her eyes, we are all capable of great things and that truly is what encompasses what she has created at Lone Conservative.” – Casey Dickinson

“Kassy has given myself and others a dedicated and hardworking young person to look up to.” – Eric Cox

“Kassy gave me more than a group of friends; Lone Conservative is a family. She always promotes dialogue and debates, which turn into lively discussions. I have expanded my thoughts on many issues because Kassy gave me the platform to do so. I am forever grateful to call her one of my best friends.” – Amanda Kemp

“Since joining Lone Conservative, I’ve had the opportunity to meet dozens of people of diverse backgrounds and experiences from all over the country. Kassy not only has built-up an incredible platform, but she has also helped foster friendships and has created a community. I am forever grateful for the opportunity she has given me to meet and work with such incredible people. I’m proud to call Kassy my friend and could not be more excited about what the future will hold for her and Lone Conservative.” – Andrew Amarone

“When I joined Lone Conservative, I did so as a hobby to pass time. I didn’t realize, after a year, that my articles would be able to reach so many people. I’m forever grateful to Kassy for allowing me to write on her website. Lone Conservative has changed my life for the better.” – Lou Scataglia


Thank you Kassy!

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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