California: Voting for Future Generations


Thursday, November 1, 2018

California’s race to become governor is a battle that will decide the fate of California for generations to come. With poverty running rampid, a housing crisis, with homeless overwhelming metropoles such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, it is no wonder this is a closely watched race. The two opponents are equally loved and hated by people on each side of the political spectrum.

John Cox, originally from Illinois, has lived in California since 2011. He is a Republican running to be California’s next governor. His agenda has nine concerns he’d like to address. These run the gamut from repealing the hated gas tax, to fixing the crippling water crisis. He states on his Website, “California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Our schools are failing and millions of forgotten Californians cannot afford decent housing. Millions more must choose between buying a half tank of gas or groceries for their families, this is a choice no one should have to make. All of this happened on Gavin Newsom’s watch.”

While not all of this happened on Gavin Newsom’s watch, conditions in Los Angeles and San Francisco have gone down hill in the recent years.  According to a 2018 article in SFGATE,A UC Berkeley infectious disease expert believes parts of San Francisco may be more unsanitary than many of the dwellings in impoverished, developing countries.”

The LA Times, stated in an recent article,“The number of those living in the streets and shelters of the city of L.A. and most of the county surged 75% — to roughly 55,000 from about 32,000 — in the last six years. If you include Glendale, Pasadena and Long Beach, which conduct their own homeless counts, the total is nearly 58,000.” This problem, though years in the making has become increasingly worse in the past years. Solutions are needed if L.A. is to continue as a city where people want to live and visit.

In light of all that has happened to California in the past years, some are looking to John Cox to help turn the state around.

When asked why he is voting for John Cox, Nick (first name only for privacy) said this, “-Pro business …repeal gas tax … auditing wasteful state government agencies …Those are just some of the reasons I’m voting for John Cox. I look at what Gavin Newsom has done in SF and it was absolutely terrible. Homelessness and crime is uncontrollable. Heroin needles in the streets. And now because of the Democrat rule in California for so long you see that CA is first in the US in poverty and homelessness. If you look at Gavin’s ventures to as an “entrepreneur” all of his investments have been Aided by his fellow billionaires- making most of them successful.”

Gavin Newsom is a fourth generation San Franciscan, residing in Marin County, California, with his wife. Being an Bay Area local, he went to Santa Clara University where he graduated with a BA in Political Science. After school he started working and eventually started his own business. In 2004, he was elected the youngest mayor of San Francisco in an century.

In 2011, he became California’s Lieutenant Governor. His rise in the political sphere of California was funded by eight Bay Area elite families.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Willie Brown (Newsoms mentor) said, “He came from their world, and that’s why they embraced him without hesitancy and over and above everybody else…They didn’t need to interview him. They knew what he stood for.” His rise has been carefully plotted out for twenty years. It was also during his time as Mayor that he had an affair with Rippey Gibney, who was married to his campaign manager. When being interview on stage at a past Politico, Newsom had this to say “I acknowledged it. I apologized for it. I learned an enormous amount from it. We were very open and honest about it.”

His political agenda for California includes, “Defend California’s Immigrant Communities,  fighting for Women’s Empowerment, and Support for the #MeToo Movement and Women’s Workplace Rights” to name a few. He is running on an agenda which is actively opposing President Trump, unlike his opponent who was endorsed by the President.

As voters head to the polls on November 6, making an informed vote is important. What will be best for California ten years down the road? Which candidate will leave California best for your children?

Taylor Hunt is a recent homeschool graduate and three-time recipient of the "American Citizenship Award." If she is not reading, she is probably drinking coffee, serving at church or playing board games with the family.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Taylor Hunt is a recent homeschool graduate and three-time recipient of the "American Citizenship Award." If she is not reading, she is probably drinking coffee, serving at church or playing board games with the family.

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