Are Affirmative Action Policies Racist?


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Affirmative Action is a blanket term that is defined as “an action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially concerning employment or education; positive discrimination.” In layman’s terms, Affirmative Action policies seek to purposely discriminate against certain groups of people, while “positively” discriminating against another group.

The long-term goal of Affirmative Action policies is to diversify organizations, namely higher education institutions. Besides being glaringly racist, Affirmative Action policies, specifically in the United States, are nothing more than a weak attempt to bring diversity to various institutions in the name of equality artificially.

Uncovering racism, in a general sense, can be quite easy. Though, with Affirmative Action, the racism is often rooted in something else. Promoting diversity isn’t inherently a bad thing, but Affirmative Action steps over the line into racism by purposely discriminating against specific racial groups.

There seems to be an underlying assumption that minorities are somehow different than the rest of us; that they, for whatever reason, offer certain perspectives other groups cannot. They appear to be labeled as distinct from the rest of us, solely because of their skin color and are sought after more. This idea is incredibly offensive, as it assumes all minorities think a certain way, different from the rest of us, which is untrue.

Moreover, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “[A]ffirmative [A]ction programs are condescending to the underrepresented groups since it is implied that the groups need Affirmative Action in order to succeed in higher education.” Race should never be a prerequisite for anything.

Recently, Harvard University, one of the most sought-after schools in America, has been involved in a lawsuit that accuses the school of systematically rating Asian-Americans lower during their admissions process. An article from The New York Times goes into detail regarding this lawsuit, explaining how Harvard engages in “racial balancing,” effectively discriminating against Asians by admitting less qualified students of different racial backgrounds.

Also, the lawsuit uncovered a document from an internal investigation by Harvard in 2013, which shows more bias towards Asian-Americans. This deliberate attempt to artificially diversify a campus is wrong, not only from a racial perspective but also from an academic perspective.

Affirmative Action policies can also have an adverse effect in the workplace. Just like in academia, companies are often met with a soft requirement to hire specific people in an attempt to promote an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.

Possibly the most significant problem with Affirmative Action policies in the workplace is when potential employers overlook more qualified individuals in favor of someone from a more attractive racial background who is less experienced. This, in turn, can lead to a decrease in productivity and redirect the employers focus from successful operation to inclusivity.

While they are not the most pressing racial issue in the country, Affirmative Action policies do nothing to advance race relations. While Affirmative Action seeks to help the “disadvantaged” and “marginalized,” it discriminates against other races.

Unfortunately, racism will likely always be present in American society, and it is our job as citizens to speak up for those who face discrimination. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his entire life to promote a colorblind America, and Affirmative Action policies are actively reversing his legacy.

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Lou Scataglia

Waynesburg University

Lou Scataglia is a senior at Waynesburg University studying accounting and finance. His hobbies include bowling and workout out. When he's not doing those, he is talking NFL football and enjoys watching his beloved Denver Broncos.

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