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Monday, September 24, 2018

In one faux sweet Southern tone, Ambassador Nikki Haley immediately shot down the White House officials who tried to throw her under the bus during a miscommunication between the two camps. Her sharp words received praise from many across the board, with liberals even impressed by the backbone Haley showed by standing up to her boss. It should not be a surprise that Haley has acted in such a way.

From her early years in the South Carolina House to her current position as US Ambassador to the United Nations, Haley had shown consistent strength in not only her words but her actions. Conservatism can be a broad church of ideas, but our hopes for our politicians remain the same. Let us count how Nikki Haley, the daughter of Indian immigrants, built herself up to become a conservative hero.


  1.       Standing Up to the Base

Though partisan politics are in vogue, blind support of parties is indeed a dangerous thing. Standing up to enemies is typical in politics, but standing up to friends is not so.

Haley is not afraid to stand up for her own ideology, even if it puts her at odds with her party or prominent figures such as President Trump. Her ‘I don’t get confused’ quote is an example of thisHaley could have quickly apologized or taken the blame, but she refused to play the fool to be deferential to the White House. After the tragic Charleston shooting, Haley risked alienating the base by ordering the removal of the Confederate Flag over the South Carolina State Capitol and in response to the controversial transgender bathroom bill, questioned it and called it unnecessary.

  1.       Standing up for the USA

In the United Nations, there is a bias against several countries. The most stable democracy in the Middle East, Israel, is unfairly attacked while Saudi Arabia gets away with killing civilians in Yemen, among other heinous acts. The United States is no exception, having been assaulted for entirely legitimate actions such as moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Without exception, Nikki Haley has proven herself an exceptional asset for her country, making decisions that put the U.S. first, such as pulling out of the hypocritical Human Rights Council.

Her smart, brave speeches against Russian and Palestinian officials are always on the money as she fights against countries that want to tear their countries down. She represents the best of the U.S. a daughter of immigrants, a non-Ivy League career politician and a working mother. Those qualities alone make her perfect for the ambassadorships, but her actions put her above all.

  1.       Supporting Others

Feminism is often criticised by the right, but Haley has it down to charm, as she believes in meritocracy. Her support for young conservatives, LoCo contributors included, is exemplary as she looks at their skills and encourages their talents,  whether they’re straight white men or ethnic minority LGBT women.

In the United Nations, she quickly befriended Karen Pierce, the new UK Ambassador to the UN and showed great kindness towards her. Her Twitter is full of inspiration, from encouraging talent and highlighting essential issues to showing off conservatives.

  1.       Consistently Capable

Aged only 32 and with a young family in tow, Haley managed to be elected to the South Carolina House of Representatives against an incumbent. Elected twice more, once unopposed, Haley forced fundamental fiscal reform such as lowering taxes and discouraging a bloated budget for bureaucrats.

In the first gubernatorial election, she went from the outsider to becoming one of the most popular politicians in the country, earning a record 81% approval from state Republicans. In the Trump cabinet, she has been one of the few figures to steer clear of an attack from the President. From the North Korean nuclear crisis to the chemical attacks in Syria, Haley has shown dignity and grace. Recent approval ratings had her as the most popular politician in the country at 63%, with a plurality of Democrats expressing approval of the fierce ambassador.


Politics has a problem with cults of personality at the moment, with almost utter devotion to many politicians across the political divide. Like most, there will be things that supporters of Nikki Haley will disagree with, but the general consensus is one of positivity. A contender for the presidency when Trump finishes, Haley is an excellent conservative who has the backing of many.

As for me? She’s my conservative hero.

Sarah is a student at Lancaster University in the U.K. and is a member of the Conservative Party. She writes for several conservative blogs, including her own. Her dream is to work in the White House one day (especially in a Haley administration).

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Sarah Stook

Lancaster University

Sarah is a student at Lancaster University in the U.K. and is a member of the Conservative Party. She writes for several conservative blogs, including her own. Her dream is to work in the White House one day (especially in a Haley administration).

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