USA Chants: Proud Patriotism or Racial Rivalry?


Friday, September 21, 2018

A regular Friday night football game in Orange County, California turned into a quarrel between school administrations, when fans decided to chant “USA” and hold up allegedly “racist” signs. According to the Orange County Register, Aliso Niguel High School students adorned red, white and blue colored clothing as a theme for the night’s game against Santa Ana High School. As Santa Ana’s football team entered the stadium they were met with signs expressing support for President Trump.

Later into the game fans chanted “USA!” as Aliso Niguel scored. Santa Ana High School’s principal Jeff Bishop expressed his belief that the chants were not appropriate for a high school game. Bishop stated in an interview with the OC Register, “They’re chanting ‘USA’ like it’s a game against another country, like it’s against Germany or against Mexico.” In today’s current turbulent political tides, loud outbursts of patriotism are often seen as racist and offensive towards minorities within the United States.

After Bishop’s comments, Aliso Niguels principal countered that the patriotic theme was to honor the anniversary of 9/11 and those who lost their lives in the devastating attack on American soil. Santa Ana High school students are predominantly Latino, and their administration gave the impression that thought that the chants were a form of racism towards Latinos, and not a tribute to 9/11, as ANHS students were mainly Caucasian.

This incident comes nearly three years after another OC high school, Foothill, became the subject of valid scrutiny because of racist slur signs during a basketball game against Tustin High School, which has a large Latino population. In contrast to the 2015 incident, Aliso Niguel’s signs allegedly did not contain racial slurs.

A countrywide debate on whether sports and politics should interlap plagues news channels constantly. From the NFL stadiums to high school bleachers, fans have started to employ sporting games as platforms to express their political opinions.

While support for the current President was popular at the Aliso Niguel vs. Santa Ana game, the patriotic theme, and chants were indeed a homage to our country’s heroes and fallen from September 11, 2001. In light of the looming anniversary of this tragedy, the fans’ intentions were more likely not to antagonize the minorities in attendance, but rather to show the strength and resolve of our great country amidst a great tragedy.

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