Top 15 Crazy College Courses: Fall 2018 Edition

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

While many of us will return to campus and take typical, practical courses this semester, a number of our peers will go another direction. And by another direction, we mean vacuous, no substance to speak of. Instead of universities teaching literally anything useful or critical, these courses indoctrinate students into one agenda that says anyone who is white, straight, a capitalist, or Republican is an enemy to our society.

Yes, these will leave you speechless, and yes, they will diminish IQ’s, but they are real. It goes to show that the ‘crazy liberal’ straw man may have more substance than we thought. So here you go. Prepare yourselves.

The Top 15 Craziest College Courses:

1.The UC-Davis FREE Power Nap class

First up on the list is this gem of a class. The class offers 25 different locations where students can crash for a 20 minute power nap when they’re feeling sleep deprived. The first 5 minutes of the course will begin with a trained instructor getting you ready for your nap and the last 5 minutes will be your gentle wake-up call.

2. “Beyoncé Feminism, Rihanna Womanism: Popular Music and Black Feminist Theory class– Harvard University

Pop culture music has been made into a class on Black Feminist Theory being taught at Harvard University, one of the most renowned universities in the world. So much for Tennyson, Plato and Douglass.

3. “Impeachment, Removal, and Special Counsel class” – San Diego State

Of course this course was coming. The course description says the focus will be on impeachment and removal by the 25th Amendment for reasons ranging from racism to climate change to religious bias and among others, few of which are actual grounds for impeachment. Makes me wonder how much political theory they’ll actually learn.

4. Black Hair Politics and Black Lives Matter classes – The University of Florida

It’s time for the two-for-one special. Not only can you get the a full dose of BLM politics, but you can also get a dose of Black Hair Politics, whatever that is… One can conceptualize a political theory course BLM course that details the movement, its history, and its purpose. One can conceptualize a cosmology course on Black hair. Put them together and I’m left confounded. According to a small description, the course will provide a look into the “history, sociology, psychology and economics of Black hair” and “explore the textures, styles and meanings of Black hair as they relate to identity and power in society.” Still confused.

5. The Problem of Whiteness class – The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Now, if BLM and Black Hair wasn’t #woke enough, you can definitely find your fix at the University of Wisconsin. The African Cultural Studies class will explore “the problem of whiteness” and how whiteness is “socially constructed.” As the course description states, the class will ask “what an ethical white identity entails, what it means to be #woke, and consider the journal Race Traitor’s motto, ‘treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.’” That is a lesson worth learning.

6. Beyond Intersectionality: Developing Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist Feminisms class – Middlebury College

It is time to mix the aforementioned anti-racist propaganda with some ‘down with the patriarchy’ communism. This course claims that it is more “politically powerful to state that our feminism is anti-racist and anti-capitalist.” This definition of feminism goes far beyond our more simplistic understanding of what intersectionality means. And I used to think feminism simply meant a fight for women’s equality.

7. Comparative Border Studies: Palestine and Mexico class – San Francisco State

This course compares the border between the U.S. and Mexico, allies, to the border between Palestine and Israel, a de facto warzone. The course is designed to “focus on the history and development of the walls that U.S. and Israeli government are building and their impact on displacing marginalized communities.” This seems like a completely impartial and objective way to look at and challenge your views of current events, right?

8. Physical education credit for becoming a ‘Sexpert’ – Dartmouth

Forget mastering medicine or engineering, at Dartmouth, you can now become a ‘Sexpert!’ All you have to do is complete a weekend training on sexual topics at a nearby cabin, to, you know, learn the basics, and congratulations, you’re a Sexpert!

9. Gender and Environment class – The University of Alabama

The ridiculousness has arrived in the deep-red south. The course description says it will delve into the histories of “concepts of nature and gender, philosophies of eco-feminism, and accounts of gender-based efforts for environmental reform.” How they mix the hard science of environmental studies with the social theory of gender, I will never know because I’ll be busy learning real science.

10. The Queer Self class – Marquette University

As the course description states, the main assignment in the course involves analyzing the life story of a “self-identified queer adult.” This task will allegedly “empower” one and create a “collaborative mode of inquiry,” which will supposedly further these college students’ understanding of the many “complexities of queer identity.” Ya, we are just as confused as you are.

11. Contested Bodies class – Depaul University

This class really is about bodies; the title is exactly what it sounds like. This course aims to consider the experiences of those bodies yes, like an actual human body that don’t “fit the norm.” It lists those groups of bodies as: “queer bodies, fat bodies, transgender bodies, bodies of color.” Maybe kinesiology would be a better pursuit.

12. Queer Political Theory class – The University of Massachusetts at Boston

This course description tells you all you need to know. The course will examine “sex, gender, sexuality, and sexual desire from a dissident and ‘gay affirmative’ perspective.” And if that isn’t enough, they throw some politics in to spice it up a bit. Understand that perspective is a synonym for bias.

13. Campus Sex in the Digital Age class – Washington and Lee University

As if the sexual revolution hadn’t seeped its way deep enough into universities. Now, you can take a class learning all about how your cell phone has impacted it! The course is essentially about how cell phones and tinder have changed the college hook-up scene something most would prefer to forget rather than know more about.

14. Vampires: Evolution Of A Sexy Monster class – The University of Kentucky

You know it’s rough when a course on vampires may be one of the most reasonable classes on our list. Though, having a class about vampires at an institution of “higher learning” is still a real pain in the neck. The biggest letdown is that the class is in the middle of the day so that rules out any possibility of hosting guest speakers.

15. Queering the Bible class – Swarthmore College

Of course, we saved the best for last. The course description says the class will discuss “queer and trans* readings of biblical texts.” Additionally, the class will destabilize “long held assumptions about what the bible and religion says about gender and sexuality” by “reading the Bible with the methods of queer and trans* theoretical approaches.” Yeah, we still are not sure how to interpret that.


With all jokes aside, these classes should be quite worrisome to any reasonable person. Instead of genuine content and knowledge, the students acquire an intense political bias and attitude. They might be something to laugh at now, but the rhetoric within them will find its way to the mainstream. The students will leave college and take what they learned with them. As conservatives, we must continue to fight to defend our values and beliefs on college campuses We must expose and speak out against these classes that promote and encourage divisiveness and hatred.

Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Auburn University

Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

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