EDWARDS: Ignore Tomi Lahren. Abortion SHOULD be a Conservative Talking Point.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Tomi Lahren recently made a statement on Fox News’s Final Thoughts, arguing that abortion is a social issue which should be left to churches and nonprofits to deal with, rather than any government regulation or ban. Basically, she was making the pro-choice argument.

However, in another recent appearance on Fox News, Lahren says that we need to uphold the Constitution on its merit. While Lahren is certainly allowed to disagree with conservatives on some issues and think freely, her combined argument that constitutional conservatives should support Roe v. Wade is downright incorrect. In reality, the decision is deeply flawed, and abortion itself is obviously unconstitutional.

In the Declaration of Independence, it states that we all inherently possess the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for you and your posterity.” This is reiterated in the preamble of the Constitution, which states that our posterity has the right to the blessings of Liberty. The definition of posterity is simply “succeeding or future generations collectively”.

This means that our founding fathers, whether you agree with abortion or not, decided that future generations should have the same right to liberty that living beings have. It is right there in the text. Meanwhile, the supposed “right to privacy” on which Roe v. Wade was based is never stated anywhere in the Constitution.  

All conservatives claim to take the Constitution at face value and allow it to govern our land and format our laws. It is the document that keeps our country free and allows people to prosper. Regardless of whether you like the practical outcome of Roe v Wade, or even Planned Parenthood v Casey, the idea that unborn life should not be protected is clearly unconstitutional.

Any pro-choice argument that was made by Tomi Lahren on her Final Thoughts video is now null and void by her recent appearance on Fox News. In one argument, she tears down the other. But even beyond that, her argument has a fatal flaw.

Being pro-life is not just a social issue. Abortion should not be looked at in the same light as other social issues when it is literally life or death at stake. A mandate legalizing abortion nationally is, at the very least, ignoring states rights, and even worse — ignoring the right to life. Our posterity is already protected by the freedom the Constitution provides. Our rights end where someone else’s begin, and unborn lives inherently have the right to life.

So why shouldn’t abortion be a conservative talking point?

Well, Lahren states in her video that President Trump’s policies are lifting up the economy and lowering taxes. She focuses on this, and insists that because most Americans support upholding Roe v Wade, Republicans should ignore abortion and campaign on economic issues, so they can guarantee victory in 2018 and 2020. It’s easy to fall for that thinking, but what is winning really worth if it means ignoring genuine issues that need to be resolved?

If moral victories could be achieved by choosing the easier path, there’d be no need for anyone to do anything controversial — but nothing in history is ever changed by remaining neutral and allowing wrongs to go unopposed.

It makes no sense for conservatives to ditch the pro-life cause simply for an easy victory. Nothing good comes easy, and if we truly claim to fight for freedom, then that begins with protecting life. Conservatives should be aided by nonprofits and churches, but we should not throw the issue itself to them and ignore it for the sake of an election. There is no point in winning an election if we ignore our principles to do so.

Pro-choice conservatives are out there, but that doesn’t mean that being pro-choice is conservative. Fighting for life is fighting for freedom, and that’s what conservatism is all about.

Danielle is the Social Media Director for Lone Conservative.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Danielle is the Social Media Director for Lone Conservative.

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