The Ideological Inconsistency of the Left


Thursday, July 5, 2018

There seems to exist ideological contradictions in the left’s modern political logic, characterized by dogmatic discrepancies and philosophical inconsistencies. Whether it be the Black Lives Matter movement advocating for the eradication of racism, while at the same time holding racially segregated rallies that forbid non-blacks to participate, or blasting those who place faith above sexual gratification, while ignoring the undeniable hypocrisies that abound leftist Hollywood culture, the left has become a homogeneous echo chamber that breeds political conflict and internal dichotomies.

Of these inconsistencies is the refusal of leftist leaders to acknowledge bigotry and hatred when espoused directly under their nose. The leaders of the Women’s March, most notably Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, have failed time and again to denounce the anti-Semitic, bigoted rantings of Louis Farrakhan, while simultaneously advocating for women’s rights and broad leftist ideologies.

Forget the fact that Farrakhan once banned women from attending a speech in 1993. Forget the fact that Farrakhan has urged women, on several occasions, to remain dutiful housewives and not seek satisfaction in the professional work environment. Intersectional politics takes precedence over decency and common sense and demonstrates the willful ignorance of those on the left to overlook hateful, bigoted speech in favor of political support.

The ideological contradictions don’t end with Farrakhan.

Those on the left unfailingly call for the Government to strip away arms from law-abiding citizens, while condemning and protesting the very government entities that derive enforcement authority: the police. By disregarding and manipulating the Constitution for their own political purposes, those on the left attempt to run a smear campaign against responsible gun owners.

The Americans calling for semi-automatic rifles to be banned and attaching labels to classless categories of firearms are the same Americans attacking police officers for every use of force scenario against minorities.The people calling for us to hand over our weapons to law enforcement authorities are the same people rioting in the streets and burning their cities to the ground when those government entities exert deadly force.

A Harvard longitudinal study from 2000 to 2015 of 1,332 police officers found no statistical evidence for racial bias in police use-of-lethal-force situations. Furthermore, there are mounds of evidence, among the data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics and Pew Research, to suggest that higher gun ownership rates lead to lower levels of gun homicides and other rates of violent crime.

The left presents themselves as champions of individual liberty, claiming to support abortion on the grounds of “body autonomy” and “pro-choice,” but, the truth is, they support neither autonomy nor pro-choice in any other circumstance.

The left doesn’t support one’s choice to deny the involvement in voluntary transactions due to religious beliefs, as in the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission— in which The Court just ruled in favor of religious freedom. The left doesn’t support the choice to possess arms for the purposes of security and self-preservation, as seen by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’ dissenting opinion in D.C. V. Heller. Instead, they support one’s perceived “right” to abortion, an ad verecundiam fallacy appeal to the Supreme Court. Thus, these ideological contradictions persist.

The left has a problem with philosophical hypocrisies. I’m a conservative because I have a deeply rooted passion for morally virtuous principles such as individual liberty, self-determination, and economic freedom, not because I oppose the policy propositions of the left or to antagonize leftists and “melt snowflakes.”

These ideological conflations spur from intellectual dishonesty and a valueless culture among leftist leaders. Leftists stand not on philosophical principles grounded in rational thought but rather in misguided, immoral contradictions. The theoretical inconsistencies that proliferate in today’s leftist culture permeate every facet of their political dogma. From attempting to impose immoral systems of labor and governance to selectively remaining ignorant of bigoted speech out of utility. It’s important for leaders on the left to evaluate and revise their ideology to phase out the philosophical inconsistencies that plague their platform.

The contradictions only seek to polarize American politics further while breeding animosity among those with partisan differences. It becomes more difficult for individuals to come together as Americans when the left seeks to divide along racial, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic lines through identity politics under the guise of inclusion and tolerance.

The future of the left’s legitimacy lies in its ability to recognize the ideological contradictions promulgated by its leaders and work to create a culture where intellectual diversity and ideological honesty is encouraged, not ridiculed.

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About Nathan Sheeley

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Nathan Sheeley is originally from Iowa and is a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Class of 2021) studying Political Science, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. He enjoys watching sports, meeting new people, and writing, reading, and talking about politics. Nathan is passionate about political and economic philosophy and hopes to attend graduate school in the future.

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