Can’t We All Get Along?


Friday, June 29, 2018

Gone are the days where Americans could go in public without harassment for politicals views. Nowadays, we all have to show how righteously angry we are and shout down prominent members of the opposing political group.

In the past month, left-wing demonstrators have chased DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant and targeted at her home. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant, and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called for harassing and targeting of all Trump’s administration officials. All of this culminated in mass hysteria and inflamed rhetoric, which damages discourse and promotes using physical actions to combat opposing ideologies.

Let’s break down these cases:

Secretary Nielsen, like it or not, is the head of the DHS and is tasked with carrying out President Trump’s policy. Nielsen, who has defended the child separation policy on record, in the eyes of many, rightfully drawn criticism. However, there is a line in which criticism crosses into harassment.

In a republic, ideas, even controversial ideas, pass freely through an administration for years. Anger does not give anyone the green light to harass those who enact or support those policies in their private lives while serving in office. Whether it be at dinner or a residence, there is a line in which our politics should not cross to infringe on the privacy of those with whom you happen to disagree.

Imagine it is 2014 and Tea Partiers descend on the D.C. townhouse of HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell to protest Obamacare. Would the media blast this story for a week nationally? Would there be calls for the GOP to denounce this behavior? Would the right be painted as domestic terrorists? The answer is yes to all of those questions. There is a clear double standard that the media imposes on the left and the right when it comes to civility.

Later in the week, Sarah Huckabee Sanders the same issues of anti-Trump harassment. At the Red Hen in Lexington, VA, Ms. Sanders was asked to leave for having a role in the Trump Administration. In her tweet on the matter, she wrote that she respectfully left after being asked.

There is a lot to parse from this encounter. No one on the right, including Sanders, has said the Red Hen should have been forced to serve her. This is a talking point the left used consistently to call out supposed right wing hypocrisy. Unlike the spiteful gay couple in Colorado, Sanders is not going to sue the Red Hen for discrimination. Additionally, there is no issue amongst those on the right of offering their services to same-sex couples. The point at which there is an issue is where a religious business owner wishes to pass on participating in a same-sex wedding.

A solid case to be made for seating Sanders is the damage political based treatment of individuals has on a society. As a society, one may have moral qualms about participating in certain ceremonies or acts, however, this should not preclude someone from offering their services outside said event. Sanders was not looking for a pro-Trump themed cake, but rather the same dinner than any other customer at the Red Hen would expect. Acknowledging this critical difference is the point of this argument.

On Sunday, a tape came to light showing Maxine Waters advocating for public harassment of White House officials. Putting aside the fascist nature of these tactics, it is evident that Waters represents a broad and angry coalition of progressives who do not want to separate politics from everyday life. Many folks on the left, as shown in the aforementioned video, are okay with protesting right-wing officials to the point where they can’t enjoy their free time.

The right swiftly condemned Waters.

This call for pushback against Trump officials will not end well. Last year in June, a Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer shot up a congressional baseball practice. He did this citing “rage toward Republicans.” At Inauguration Day, the leftist protesters in D.C. set ablaze the limousine of a Muslim man. As my friend Brad Devlin can tell you, Antifa did a number on the Berkeley campus as well.

These examples go to show how the left frequently takes protesting too far. It is deplorable for a member of Congress to advocate for this type of behavior.

As Americans, we ought to put down our political swords at times to enjoy life outside the craziness. Our nation will not survive this constant obsession and fixation on the political leanings of our neighbors. Politics are rough and even uncivil at all times, but there is something joy themselves in their private timeregardless of their political viewpoints.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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