KLATSKY: Hamas Busted for Paying Parents to Claim IDF Killed Their Child


Friday, June 22, 2018

On Thursday, Haaretz reported that Mahmoud Omar, cousin of Layla al-Ghandour, the baby that died at the Gaza-Israel border during the May 14 protests, was indicted in Israel after he was captured trying to set an Israeli army position ablaze. Omar was also accused of being a member of a branch of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, which is a terrorist group in the West Bank.

While in interrogation, Omar said Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, paid al-Ghandour’s family 8,000 Israeli shekels, or approximately 2,000 U.S. dollars, to blame Israel and the IDF for the death of their baby.

But originally, media around the globe attacked Israel, suggesting that IDF tear gas used in retaliation to the “peaceful protests” was responsible for Layla’s death — yet Gazan doctors didn’t name tear gas the cause of death. It was discovered later that the baby died due to a hereditary blood disease that also took the life of her brother a year earlier. About two weeks after the protests, the Gaza Health Ministry ended up taking al-Ghandour’s name off of a list of people killed in the violent riots with the IDF.

The media, of course, remains mostly silent on this issue, but it’s not the first time Hamas has paid people to slander and blame the IDF for Palestinian deaths in order to make Israel look like aggressors. Hamas’ track record of paying off injured and dead protesters is a long one. But they’ve done more than just that.

Hamas, Arabic for “Islamic Resistance Movement,” has planned many violent attacks on Israel and the Israeli people. Hamas announced the First Intifada in 1987, the year they were founded. The First Intifada, which consisted of violent riots and attacks on Israelis due to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, lasted until the Madrid Conference in 1991. Hamas also created the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which serves as the military branch of the terrorist organization. The Brigades are most famously known for conducting several suicide bombings that started in April 1993.

The al-Qassam Brigades launched the Second Intifada in late 2000, in an attempt to violently kill as many Jews as possible. The Second Intifada, like the first, failed miserably for Hamas. A few years later, in 2005, Israel left Gaza and has had no influence or power there since. On April 24, 2007, Israel’s 59th Independence Day, Hamas fired six rockets into Israel, and two of the rockets landed in Israeli territory. In 2011, Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, chastised the murder of Osama bin Laden by U.S. Navy SEALs, claiming that bin Laden was an “Arab holy warrior.” Haniyeh, a current Hamas political chief, announced that the U.S. recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a “declaration of war,” and called for another Intifada against Israel.

Hamas has been completely honest about their agenda, whether that is by firing rockets in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, hiding rockets under hospitals and schools, or paying Palestinians large amounts of cash to blame Israel for the death of their children. Despite this, the media will not criticize them as nearly as much as they condemn Israel.

Hamas is an evil terrorist organization, and their history full of violence and bloodshed proves it. It is no secret that instability is rampant in the Middle East, but not because Israel is unwilling to come to the table. Peace escapes us because of the terrible, violent actions of Hamas — and paying families thousands of dollars to send their children to their deathbeds is only the most recent example.


Avery Klatsky is a high school senior from Dallas, Texas. His political interests include foreign policy, economics, free speech, and more.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Avery Klatsky

Avery Klatsky is a high school senior from Dallas, Texas. His political interests include foreign policy, economics, free speech, and more.

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