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Friday, June 8, 2018

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who denied the request to bake a custom cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding.

The majority opinion stated, “The laws and the Constitution can, and in some instances must, protect gay persons and gay couples in the exercise of their civil rights, but religious and philosophical objections to gay marriage are protected views and in some instances protected forms of expression.”

As a gay individual myself, I agree with the majority. Gay couples have the same rights as any straight couple, but a person’s religious beliefs should be respected. In my opinion, allowing Capitalism to weed out the bad businesses is all it will take to have more open-minded individuals. If you are aware of a place of business that is is anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic, anti-black, etc., then broadcast the information and I guarantee people will stop buying their goods and services.

The LGBT community wanted this case to become an example to people that there are business owners against their way of life, but that they aren’t legally allowed to make their dissention known through refusing service. The real issue with this particular case is that forcing somebody to bake you a cake is just as bad as an individual turning you down.

Dave Rubin said it best in a PragerU video, “A government that can force Christians to violate their conscience can force me to violate mine.” The baker won this case because the First Amendment protects his interests; we cannot deny Americans the protection of the First Amendment, now or ever. The Founding Fathers found the First Amendment to embody exactly the types of freedom they envisioned the United States championing and we must champion the First Amendment now, even if it forces us to face moral or ethical dilemmas.

The gay couple was not the victim in this case. They could have simply gone somewhere else. Instead, they decided to challenge the baker in a Bill of Rights battle, a battle that Jack Phillips rightly won.

As somebody who is part of the gay community, I can proudly say I stand with Jack Phillips in this circumstance. It is his private business and he has the freedom to turn down services, especially if his religious conscience is on the line. As a gay conservative, I look at cases like this much more differently. I have yet to have any issues within my small southern city with being openly gay, and I have yet to run into any circumstance where my identity was challenged by somebody else, except on Twitter, where liberals within the LGBT community do not welcome me due to my political beliefs.

So, to all same-sex couples, from a fellow gay, be aware that hurt feelings do not give you precedence over the Constitution. Acting entitled to special treatment because we are a minority will not get us anywhere; we are not the only ones in America with a ‘different’ lifestyle. We are different, but we have the exact same rights as any straight couple in America.

So, gay community, one last time: Go get your cake somewhere else.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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