Kanye is Persona Non Grata on the Left


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Recently, Kanye West has been tweeting and saying things that have the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the left questioning his mental health and stability. ‘Crazy’ ideas like “individuals should be able to think for themselves,” respecting Republicans, and, best of all, expressing love for the President have half of the U.S. questioning Kanye’s sanity.

These are so wildly unbelievable assertions that CNN has already aired multiple panels to talk about how Kanye might be losing his mental stability, does not read, and is ignorant of history. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has told him to shut up and rap. Fellow music artist John Legend almost immediately sent him a text begging him to come back into the fold of monolithic thought and emotion of the left.

What did Kanye say that was so unbelievable?

For starters, he didn’t say, “I worship Donald Trump,” unlike so many on the left who worshipped at the altar of Obama. He didn’t say, “I agree with everything the President has ever said and done,” unlike the media did regarding Barack Obama’s exit from office. He didn’t say, “I’m voting Republican,” nor “I support every piece of legislation from the White House since the election of Donald J. Trump.”

He said, “I love another human being and I see some of myself in him and some of him in me.”

Is that an unforgivable sin? Both Kanye and Trump are incredible entrepreneurs with an international brand, a penchant for marketing, a flair for being controversial, and a knack for marketing and branding. Is it so out of this world for people to be able to disagree on policy, but still have respect for one another?

For the left, the answer is yes, the reason being that their tolerance and appreciation for people only extends to those who hold their exact viewpoints. The reaction from Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the left could be summed up like this- breaking from the leftist Orwellian thought-prison makes you evil, plain and simple. They can’t even tolerate the idea that, even if Kanye disagrees with everything Donald Trump has done politically, he could still, “love” and “tolerate” the President of the United States.

In hindsight, it should have been easy to see this rift in the social fabric of America coming. As soon as the left began to replace the idea of God with the seat of the state, this outcome was inevitable. The truth is, every question of policy is also a question of morals for the left because politics is their religion.

Disagree with them on tax policy? It cannot possibly be that you want Americans to keep more of their own money, it must be that you are a loathsome human who hates the poor and only cares about the rich. Disagree with them on healthcare issues? It cannot be because socialized medicine is awful, but because you are soulless and want to kill off the sick. Don’t support a woman’s right to choose to murder the unborn life inside her? It cannot be because you scientifically define something with 100% human DNA and a human heartbeat as life, it must be because you are a patriarchal monster who hates women. Disagree with the position demanding the removal of all semi-automatic weapons from America. It cannot be because you don’t support the Government removing constitutionally guaranteed rights from law-abiding citizens, but because you love the murder of children.

The list goes on and on.

The simple reality is, if anyone disagrees with the left politically or steps out of line with their fanatical political views, they must immediately be demonized as an evil human being. This is why the left is continually trying to expand the definition of the “alt-right.” They have to portray anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi because it justifies their hatred, rage, and oftentimes violence against anyone who doesn’t fall in perfect sync with their unyielding, fundamentalist views on policy issues.

Kanye is just the next in a long line of victims. He is a guy that’s known for saying wild things without thinking. He is a guy that has compared himself to Steve Jobs and the apostle Paul. He has said George W. Bush was a racist because a hurricane struck a largely African American city. He has also called concert-goers in Tennessee “squid brains.” All of this is, of course, acceptable, just so long as he checks every box and agrees with every policy and thought put forward by the Marxist intersectional victim hierarchy of the progressive left. If he puts one toe outside of those lines though (not even to disagree with them on policy), he then becomes an evil monster who is now targeted for destruction.

Chris Adkins served honorably in the United States Army for six years and performed two tours in Iraq during his service. Currently, Chris lives, works, and studies in Houston. He is a business broker and student who is working towards a degree in Political Science.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Chris Adkins served honorably in the United States Army for six years and performed two tours in Iraq during his service. Currently, Chris lives, works, and studies in Houston. He is a business broker and student who is working towards a degree in Political Science.

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