Taylor Swift’s New Political Interference


Friday, April 13, 2018

We don’t know much about Taylor Swift’s political beliefs, but we do know now that she is more socially liberal. On Friday, Swift posted a photo on Instagram promoting the, “March for Our Lives.” Following the photo was her announcement that she had donated to the campaign.

In the post, Swift praised the “students, faculty, by all family & friends” for speaking out about the future of gun reform.

It’s easy to think that Taylor is pushing an anti-gun narrative, being that she is a celebrity, but Swift specifically used the word “reform,” which implies that changes need to be made, but is different than a “taking all guns” view.

The words “control” & “reform” are different. “Control” implies that the government has full reign over your gun rights. “Reform” implies that the regulations on gun ownership need to be adjusted.

Reform means to change & regulate, Control means to take & own. Reform is neither a conservative or liberal issue. Plenty of conservatives believe that we should adjust gun laws.

Being that Swift is alluding to the fact that gun laws need to be stricter, it can be assumed that she is not a constitutional conservative. Constitutional conservatives believe in limiting the red tape & rules on gun ownership. While reform is not, “Let’s take all guns!” it is still implying changes that need to be made, usually in a stricter, more red tape kind of way. Constitutional conservatives believe we should have as little gun control/reform as possible.

Seeing someone like Taylor Swift profess the word “reform” instead of “control” is eye opening. She simply acknowledged the fact that no one should fear going to places where they should feel safe & is advocating for some sort of change, not for all guns to be taken away.

Most celebrities post to social media, attacking President Trump and those who support him. The ones who don’t are usually quiet for a reason, in fear of losing their fans. Take Chris Pratt & Tim Tebow for example, two celebrities who keep their politics out of their social media, but are known conservatives. With social media becoming increasingly popular, what you say on these sites can be used against you. Conservative celebrities experience harsh ridicule & judgment when posting to social media. Taylor’s lack of social media involvement in politics suggests that she is leaning more right.

Most other celebrities constantly post leftist rhetoric, but Swift isn’t one of those who preaches anti-gun, anti-Trump, etc … at her concerts or her social media. No matter what her political affiliation, as a celebrity, it’s admirable of Taylor. She focuses on her career and her fans, rather than using her platform to profess hate against America & our President.

Leftists are getting excited, thinking they’ve “proved” something, but Swift continues to be pro-life, pro-military, & pro-first responders. Her advocating for change does not necessarily mean she’s siding with the left or the right.

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