Conversation Will Help the Gun Debate


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

With the ‘March for Our Lives’ now in the rearview mirror, the gun debate has only become more angered, and no place demonstrates this more than Facebook and Twitter. Showcased among the protest and counter-protest, are two extremes on a very sensitive issue. On the one hand, there is a group of people who want assault rifles off the streets, but, on the other hand, another group wants no change in the restrictions of rifles. No matter where you fall on the issue, the discussions continuing the way they are will fix nothing and ultimately cause more divisiveness in an already divided nation.

As someone who considers myself moderate, I believe the answer is straightforward and can only be found if great, respectful discussions happen around the country. The answer you ask? Universal background checks across the board and anyone on the No-Fly List and convicted of domestic violence should be denied access to purchase a gun. Again, being a self-proclaimed moderate, these reasonable answers should be enough to satisfy both sides.

The name calling on social media with all the hateful rhetoric will not solve any problems. It will only create new ones. Conversation, on the other hand, allows for people to try and make others understand their point of view. Along with that, insightful dialogue can open new doors for creativity where solutions can be agreed upon, helping heal the wounds of division.

So to those on the right, these protests should not be a reason to stock up on AR-15’s. I understand your right to own that weapon, and although I don’t see a need for it, by all means go ahead and purchase it. However when you do, don’t do it out of anger after seeing people like David Hogg making his case.

To those on the left, all we ask is that there is an understanding of the Constitution. There are many moderate conservatives out there who want to prevent these tragedies, but we can do this without infringing on the rights of the millions of responsible gun owners across the country.

We, as Americans, never want tragedies like Parkland to happen again, but, if nothing changes in the current laws and the current treatment of one another, these events may unfortunately continue.

Seeing the loss of life, and the American spirit should be enough to bring both sides to the table to converse about what we can do to make sure we make “Never Again” a reality.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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