Conservatives to Bring to Your Campus for under $10,000


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Conservative voices are increasingly hard to find on college campuses, making it critical that students work hard to ensure that everyone is gets the opportunity to hear from both sides of the political spectrum. Here’s a list of conservative speakers you can bring to your university for less than $10,000:


  1.    William McGurn

William McGurn is best known for being President George W. Bush’s Chief Speechwriter. He is remarkably gifted with words, making him a great option for consideration as an on-campus conservative speaker. He’s held positions as Managing Editor of the American Spectator, Washington Bureau Chief at the National Review, Senior Editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review, and now writes the Main Street column of the Wall Street Journal. While living in Hong Kong, McGurn and his wife adopted their three daughters. Bringing William McGurn to campus could provide appeal to the broader population of students majoring in political science, journalism, and communications.

  1.    Bay Buchanan

Bay Buchanan got her start in politics as the National Treasurer of Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. After his election, President Reagan appointed her to the position of Treasurer of the United States. She was only 32, making her the youngest person to hold the position. Buchanan also worked as a Senior Advisor on the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign. She’s written two books: Bay and Her Boys: The Unexpected Lessons I Learned as a Single Mom and The Extreme Makeover of Hillary Clinton. She currently runs a real estate business and serves as President of The American Cause, an educational organization. Through American Cause, she encourages conservative thought and inspires many students. As an on-campus speaker, Buchanan represents what it means to be a strong, conservative woman!

  1.    Jesse Lee Peterson

Jesse Lee Peterson is the President and Founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND).  BOND now offers counseling for men struggling with personal issues, emphasizing forgiveness. BOND also hosts weekly church services and forums to promote “Rebuilding the Man.” Peterson is a member of Choose Black America, an African American organization opposing illegal immigration. After Hurricane Katrina, Peterson notably defended the Bush administration, saying: “It’s not President Bush’s responsibility to make us get up and take care of ourselves. That was a political ploy in order to make blacks believe the Republican Party was against them and that they really don’t care.” In the face of the status quo, Peterson fearlessly stands up for his convictions.

  1.  Dick Thornburgh

As an elected delegate at the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention (1967-68), Dick Thornburgh successfully pursued government reform. President Nixon took notice, and appointed Thornburgh to the post of United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Under President Ford, Thornburgh became the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. From 1979-1987, Thornburgh served as the 41st Governor of Pennsylvania. He then served as United States Attorney General under the Reagan Bush administrations. Thornburgh is well-known for his strict attitude toward crime, and would be a speaker of great interest to both political science and criminal justice students.

  1.    Nick Gillespie

For those whose goal is to host a speaker with a unique perspective, Nick Gillespie could be the perfect fit. A Libertarian, Gillespie’s voice features prominently through his journalism, books, and Reason TV. According to The New York Times Magazine, “Nick Gillespie is to libertarianism what Lou Reed is to rock ‘n’ roll, the quintessence of its outlaw spirit.” Gillespie held the position of Editor-in-Chief of and Reason TV. He has been published by The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New York Post, and many other publications. He currently is a commentator for numerous radio and television stations, such as Fox News, NPR, and CNN.



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