The Mindless Cult of Leftism: A Response to ‘The Death Cult of Trumpism’


Monday, April 9, 2018

Author Greg Grandin of the Nation Magazine has attempted to define Trumpism as a death cult. In his article, The Death Cult of Trumpism, Grandin says that, “Through racism and nationalism, Trump leverages tribal resentment against an emerging manifest common destiny.” To him, Trump’s election was based on a platform for endless wars, unsolicited power for big business, and social inequality at the expense of minorities and poor Americans.

Trumpism, Grandin claims, will result in the end of the world, as the last of the Earth’s resources will be depleted and there will be nobody left to exploit. Trumpism is a result of racism, says Grandin, emerging as a backlash against the last eight years of Obama. He claims that Trump is a reaction to Obama’s blackness. Trump is the epitome of “whiteness,” in a sense that he “is a negation of blackness.” Trump is also “all id and pure appetite, unspooling raw, insatiable, childish hunger every night on Twitter.”

All of the racism, exploitation, class warfare and inequality is the apocalypse brought on by Trump and his administration. He is destroying America and the world as we know it. But is this really true?

With wild speculation and absurd theories, Grandin tries to convince his audience that Trumpism will single-handedly destroy the world. Trump’s political survival he says, weighs on the ability to “handicap Earth’s odds of survival.”

I believe Trumpism is the political philosophy of Trump and his supporters, combining traditional values, modern populism, American exceptionalism, and a strong national defense. Though Trump may not always practice the morality he preaches, he understands that morality will bring structure back to America.

But Grandin resorts to silly assumptions and radical conclusions about Trumpism. First he says that Trump is the nationalization of the racist pasts of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush. Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy’ is Grandin’s evidence of his racist past, but this is false. The premise is that to win the South in elections, you had to appeal to racists. Grandin suggests that Nixon (and Trump) did just that. However evidence shows that the South overwhelmingly votes in favor of values, not identity politics. The ‘Southern Strategy’ is just another way for leftists to label the right as racists and divert responsibility for their own actions.

Grandin says Trumpism is the ultimate whiteness; a negation of blackness. He tries to rationalize this point by showing that Trump is ‘obsessed’ with undoing the legacy of Barack Obama. Continuing with the racist theme, Grandin tries to compare Trump to Woodrow Wilson.

If you don’t know, Woodrow Wilson was a racist through and through. During his term in office, Wilson segregated many departments of the Federal Government, revived the Ku Klux Klan in the twentieth century, and passively supported mob rule against African Americans. While Grandin lists all of this in his article and proceeds to compare Wilson to Trump, he omits a very important detail. Wilson was a Democrat. According to Grandin, Wilson was the “whitest of white presidents.” Why then is Grandin trying to shift the blame away from the left? The left too often blames ‘America’ or the right for their own problems and actions.

Why blame America? According to Grandin, America is “founded on a mythical belief in a kind of species immunity— less an American exceptionalism than exemptionism.” America is trapped in an economic system that “is well past sustainable or justifiable.” Grandin claims that our current economic system is the cause of global warming, which has caused the West to burn, the southeast to submerge, and species to disappear.

Trump will continue this downhill slide until the Earth is wasted as a result of financial and trade deregulation that was put in place by presidents before Obama. All of this is completely absurd. As soon as Trump took office, economic activity boomed and has continued so to this day. Companies across America have given their workers bonuses as a result of the recent tax cuts. Business is coming back to America.

Grandin also argues that big business will destroy the planet because of its environmental impact. But the free market can drive environmentalism apart from Government. True conservation and actual environmental change can come through the economy from young entrepreneurs wanting to reduce our carbon footprint. Unlike Obama, Trump is deregulating the Government, so the free market can flourish and improve our global impact.

Grandin uses a slew of hypotheticals and unsubstantiated claims to label Trumpism as the end of the world. Trumpism is a cult that is seeking to deplete the Earth’s resources, exploit the poor and minorities, accelerate global warming, and bring on Armageddon. Trump was elected to carry out this agenda because of racism. Eight years of Obama had conservatives in a racist fury: rejecting healthcare reform, climate reforms, and government interference in the economy.

However, the real cult is the left. They have literally lost their minds. Reason and sensibility are no longer in their vocabulary. The left has gone from actionary to reactionary. They are quick to blame and slow to accept responsibility. They would rather point out the problems of the world than look within and see the problems within themselves.

If Trump is ‘obsessed’ with gutting Obama’s legacy, then the left is obsessed with identity politics and dividing Americans based on superficial categories. They would rather see an America divided than united.

The modern left is a nationalization of fascism: suppressing free speech, censoring words or actions deemed offensive, and resorting to violence as the opposition. The left uses racism to fit their political agenda. African Americans have overwhelmingly supported Democrats for the past couple of decades, yet their living conditions have not improved. African Americans are simply talking points for the left because they need their vote. The real racism exists within the ranks of the alt-right and the far left, as they challenge minorities and people of color to compete against one another for the title of “most victimized.”

This cult of mindlessness revolves around the ability to be a victim. As Ben Shapiro put it, “So long as you feel victimized, you’re a victim.” The left doesn’t care about facts or truth, it only matters how you feel. For them, progress depends on how many people feel good.

The left was furious when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. They couldn’t believe it. In response, they have become fierce opposition to Trumpism at all costs. Except their opposition doesn’t rely on solid realities, but on primitive emotions: anger, disgust, fury, violence, and outrage. Author’s like Grandin use irrational assumptions to justify their uncontrolled violence. It’s okay if the left uses any weapon against conservatives, because it’s in the name of opposition to Trumpism. Everything is justified if it’s opposition against Trump. The left believes they’re above the law.

It’s easy to resort to violent methods to counteract the opposition. It’s easy to suppress free speech if you find it offensive. It’s easy to formulate abstract theories about a President you don’t like. What isn’t easy is doing the research, following the facts, and drawing sane conclusions.

The left is a mindless cult. They have lost their ability to reason. It’s no longer about what you think, but what you feel. And right now, they feel Trumpism will be the end of the world.

Let’s prove them wrong.


Clay Robinson is an Economics student at Arizona State University. You can catch him tweeting, watching Parks and Recreation, or ordering an iced caramel macchiato.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Clay Robinson

Arizona State University

Clay Robinson is an Economics student at Arizona State University. You can catch him tweeting, watching Parks and Recreation, or ordering an iced caramel macchiato.

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