The Different Types of Twitter Conservatives


Friday, March 30, 2018

With 280 characters, Twitter has a wide variety of uses, allowing its users to express themselves directly to potentially millions of other users. One of its main uses in 2018 is expressing political opinions and engaging in political debate.

With all its positive and negative qualities, Twitter has become an online home to a diverse group of conservatives. Though they probably don’t need much of an introduction, here are the good, the bad, and the funny of Twitter Conservatives:


  • The #WOKE #NeverTrump Conservative:

This is the guy/girl who constantly quotes Trump tweets with witty attempts at trolling. Their tweets are well thought-out, often with great grammar. However, you wish they’d take a break from The Donald.


  • The Self-Proclaimed Humblest Man Alive Conservative:

Their tweets sound like an advertisement or are










They usually make sure you know about a good deed they did today, and exactly how they plan to #OwnTheLibs.


  • The Conservative You Casually Stalk:


This person tweets EXACTLY what you’re thinking. You retweet them every other day, leave gifs in their replies, and— if we’re honest— have a bit of a political crush on them.


  • The Comment Conservative:


We all have followers like this. This is a person who must have set up notifications for each time you tweet, because they respond in .2 seconds and are always there to hype up your tweets. You appreciate the support, but it kind of weirds you out.


  • The Russian Bot:


This person is probably not really a bot, but definitely makes you wonder. A “bot’s” feed is 90% retweets and has a steady follower count of ~70. Each tweet usually has five or six hashtags, and an ungodly number of emojis.


  • The Ben Shapiro:


This is the Troll King of Twitter, trolling through the Twitter War, who easily traps debate opponents. You follow this person because of their great insight and opinions, but also because s/he will always find a way to make it funny.


  • The Burnt Take Conservative:


This is the account that always makes you nervous. You enjoy a lot of what it offers, but sometimes the tweets take things a little too far. You are stealthy with how you take on this account, and will call it out if the hot takes are overcooked and unnecessary.


  • The Underrated Conservative:


This account always tweets level-headed, intelligent tweets. You appreciate its takes on issues, and, even when you disagree, you can have a thoughtful discussion. This account’s tweets go unnoticed by many, and truly deserve better.

It is very appealing for conservatives to have such a diverse array of thinkers and ways to approach politics. That said, we must take care that we don’t take things too far, but rather allow room for discussion. The best way to appeal to people on the other side of the political spectrum into a new way of thinking is to couple having backbone with having a brain. While Twitter wars are fun, strive to be The Underrated Conservative— not the Burnt Take.

Danielle is a junior at the University of North Georgia studying Early Childhood and Special Education. She's currently the Social Media Director for Lone Conservative.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Danielle Edwards

University of North Georgia

Danielle is a junior at the University of North Georgia studying Early Childhood and Special Education. She's currently the Social Media Director for Lone Conservative.

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