Prof Calls Conservatives ‘Evil,” Says She is ‘Miserable’ Working With Them


Friday, March 23, 2018

In an email posted on Facebook by TPUSA Chapter President Antonio Bianchi, a Siena University professor berates several young conservative students. Professor Jennifer Mcerlean said that it was “miserable” working with conservative students and demeaned them as being “ridiculous” for feeling threatened because they are the minority on campus.

The email was in response to an op-ed written by a Siena alumnus in the student paper, The Promethean, that denounced Bianchi’s TPUSA chapter, and others, for hosting a free speech event titled “Let Freedom Ring.” The April 15th event will be featuring several prominent conservative speakers like Lone Conservative founder Kassy Dillon, Austin Petersen, James O’Keefe, Roger Stone, & more.

Jennifer Mcerlean, the Siena College professor, called for the protesting of the free speech event, expressing worry that it wouldn’t get protested heavily enough. “If no silent, sign-carrying wall of people is there to greet the conference goers I fear that Siena is generally happy with the list of speakers and there will be no acknowledgment of how evil these organizations are,” Mcerlean said.

And that’s not all, she even went as far as leaving a civil discourse committee because, “it was making [her] miserable thinking of how to work with students like Antonio!” She also noted that her quitting the committee will free her up to protest the free speech event.

When asked what he thought about Mcerlean’s criticism of the event and himself, Bianchi told Lone Conservative that he thinks “her actions perfectly exemplified the bias and discrimination conservative students face on campus every day.” He also criticized the University’s lack of action regarding the matter, saying that there has been no action or statements about the debacle.

Bianchi says that while the administration has handled it well, the professors have not. He says that they have tried to stop the event by forming email chains, committees, and grilling them for an hour during a Q&A about the event.

Nico Perrino, the Director of Communications at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and a speaker at the free speech event, said he looks forward to discussing the importance of free speech at Siena College. He also acknowledged the protesters’ right to protest the event saying that it is their right, “so long as it is peaceful and not disruptive,” he said via email to Lone Conservative.

While it is obviously their right to protest the free speech event, as long as they don’t impugn other’s right to free speech, it shows many of the same characteristics of intolerance and bias that we see towards conservatives at colleges across the country today. This repression by leftist professors has left many conservative students hesitant to express themselves, worrying that they will be demonized for their ideas like these students were.

Petersen acknowledged the protestors’ individual rights to protest but believes that this is exactly why we need to have free speech events on campuses. “This event is very much needed in a time in a time when people like Kassy and my ideas are being shunned, blocked, banned, censored, reported, and just sort of squashed in many forms of the media,” Austin Petersen, a Senate candidate in Missouri told Lone Conservative.

“I’m disappointed about this professors behavior, but not surprised,” Dillon told Lone Conservative. “I welcome any peaceful protestors and hope that some of them will reconsider and instead come inside and ask me tough questions. I plan on my session being very interactive.”

“Ultimately, this event has speakers that hold very different political views and tactics for activism, but that’s what makes it so interesting. If this professor had a conversation with us speakers and the students, maybe she wouldn’t jump to calling us evil. I encourage people to come and challenge our views. I certainly hope to see students challenging some of my fellow speaker’s views. We’re all Americans with varying political views and just want to be heard.”

The event will be held on April 15th.



Photo Source: CNN

Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Auburn University

Michael Jones is a senior business student at Auburn University studying finance. He is a Journalist for The College Fix and a contributor to Lone Conservative. He enjoys coffee, sports, and politics, in that order.

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