What it’s Like to Go from the Marine Corps to College


Monday, March 19, 2018

Before my first day at a public university, I saw videos and heard stories of leftist insanity that had reportedly taken over higher education. To be honest, I didn’t expect things to be that bad. Universities could not be as wild as conservative outrage articles made it seem and yet still have the time or sanity to print degrees. To my dismay, I was wrong.

Admittedly, I came from a different context than your average freshman, one known for politically incorrect speech. I expected some discomfort from nitpicky social norms at my university. I had just left the Marines, an environment where guys from every race and background face impossible situations most days of the week. We acknowledged our differences, bonded by making fun of them, and then drank like brothers after work.

My first class was a basic English course, again, not where I expected outraged PC culture. However, upon finding our seats, the professor had everyone introduce themselves– with the requirement that we choose one of four titles before our last name: Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Xe, which was later explained to mean neither male nor female.  Whether or not I wanted to be called Xe was the first question I was asked at college.

Again, this was an English class, but a liberal agenda was the syllabus. I expected to learn about bibliographies, not how to murder our language. It went downhill from day one. Extra credit was given for things like watching a documentary on the Black Panthers or attending an event with terrorist gun supplier and Soviet Bloc enthusiast Angela Davis.

A friendly grade comparison with the girl next to me exemplified the lunacy. We laughed about how her paper feigning support of Black Lives Matter got a much better grade than serious my criticism of illegal immigration. A review on the professors rating page says that she downgrades students that don’t support her ideas, like Hawaii being a sovereign nation. I got downgraded because I wouldn’t use the legal term “undocumented” when talking about illegal immigration.

Occasionally the communists at my college trigger the students they pander to for support.

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this bias at the majority of colleges today. I go to school on the GI Bill, so I can only take required courses. I didn’t seek out leftist nonsense in fringe departments and notorious professors. I found it in courses required to get a degree in the social sciences. When the basic subjects can go this wrong, I fear for anything with the word “studies” tacked on the end.

The next semester I chose Indigenous Studies over Women’s Studies 101, because I figured they would hate me less. Besides, I truly have a soft spot in my heart for the way Native Americans have been treated in our country. Perhaps there could be some common ground.

There wasn’t. Instead, there was open hostility towards America, the military, and western civilization being taught to impressionable 19-year-olds. I still cannot believe I heard a student say out loud that they would give their parent’s property to an indigenous person if he claimed it.

Eventually I was called into the department head’s office for destroying a “safe space” (their words) with my post to the class blog. I declined to change my opinions and received a D at the end of the class. I wouldn’t have failed me either– that would have just brought me back to the same class next time around.

With a major in journalism and a minor in political science, things have not become any easier for me. The stories only get dumber, but that’s a subject for another day.

Losing higher education to the left is not some minor thing and the conservative outrage articles are right; it is firmly in their hands now. We must fix the culture and apply pressure by cutting the public money propping up increasingly biased campuses. Electing Donald Trump has shown that we can do both of these things, so it’s time to stand our ground on education.

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University of Hawaii

Nick Ochs is a writer and conservative activist living in Honolulu, Hawaii. He enjoys grilling, garage rock, and annoying leftists.

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