Guns Aren’t the Real Issue


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Anytime an evil person uses a firearm to commit unspeakable acts of violence, people are always quick to blame three things: politicians, the NRA, and firearms as a whole. I can never imagine what it would be like surviving a school shooting, but I can say that, Heaven forbid I ever did, I couldn’t imagine blaming politicians, the NRA, or even guns.

The next usual response is to get politicians involved and pass more laws to fix the problem. Except this isn’t the solution and Parkland Florida is an example of this. We already have over 20,000 laws and provisions regarding firearms in the United States. Congress could presumably continue to pass more laws but this would do little, if anything to curb the problem.

There is already enough evidence proving that more government involvement wouldn’t solve this problem. Just last month the FBI was tipped off about the shooter from Parkland Florida but did not follow through with an investigation. The shooter also had 30 reports filed against him going back as far as 2011. Neither local nor federal law enforcement acted before it was too late.

Let me make this clear, the NRA has absolutely nothing to do with this shooting! The NRA does not sell guns to people and it does not buy congressmen. The NRA offers training, insurance, and spends negligible amounts of money lobbying for gun owners. The Washington Post reports that the NRA has spent roughly $3.5 million on members of Congress since 1998. After some simple math, we can see that the NRA spends an average of $184,000 a year on members of Congress. This seems like a lot, but the NRA isn’t even near the top 10 when it comes to lobbying.

The NRA actually ranks 154th when it comes to lobbying. For comparison let’s take Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has spent around a $38 million since 2008. That is a staggering $4.22 million a year on congressmen.

Now let’s get to why the firearm is not to blame when it comes to shootings. By blaming the firearm and not the actual person responsible for the crime, you are ignoring the act of pure evil carried out by a person and placing blame on an inanimate object. Getting rid of firearms will not change the propensity of some human beings to choose violence. Some people will always resort to violence and use whatever tools are available to them- guns or no guns.

After a horrific shooting, people spread the hashtag #GunControlNow but fail to explain what they mean by that. Although it’s becoming apparent, in rare moments of honesty, that what they really want is total confiscation of all guns.

Taken to its logical extreme, gun control or total confiscation wouldn’t do anything; we know this because it’s been tried. In Australia, the general populous was forced to surrender their firearms to the government when Australia passed the National Firearms Agreement. It is estimated that there were about 3 million firearms in Australia before the confiscation. This cost the Australian taxpayers 500 million dollars.

In America we have 330 million registered firearms, so it would presumably cost well over 500 billion dollars to confiscate our guns. The cost of this exercise is unreasonable. But for the sake of argument, let’s say it was done. It still wouldn’t stop murders and violence.

In Australia the amount of homicides have been gradually dropping since 1915, but you would assume that, after firearms were outlawed, that there would be a sharp decrease in homicides. This was not the case; the decline remained gradual all the way until today. The rate of homicides involving a firearm would likely decrease as it did in Australia, but the rate of knife homicides would likely increase as was the case in Australia. In fact The Contemporary Economic Policy said that “the NFA (National Firearms Agreement) did not have any large effect of reducing homicide and suicide rates.”

I sympathize with what these children have gone through and I admire their new passion, but we all need to look past emotions and look for actual solutions. Perhaps more mental health screening and funding, and armed security at schools would be a good start.


Emilio Avelar is a 20-year-old college student pursuing a BAS in Aeronautical Sciences. He hopes to help spread conservatism on campus to people in his age demographic.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Emilio Avelar

Green River College

Emilio Avelar is a 20-year-old college student pursuing a BAS in Aeronautical Sciences. He hopes to help spread conservatism on campus to people in his age demographic.

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