Diversity takes many forms in modern society: racial, cultural, religious, philosophical, political and so on. The modern left however, espouses a very narrow idea of what is allowed to be defined as ‘diversity.’ Skin color, sex, certain religions, and certain minority ethnicities are the only demographic differences which function as a indicator of diversity, through which the left demands rigid ideological uniformity.

A recent example is the story of Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo who was denied entry into the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, despite being Hispanic. They stated that Carlos didn’t fit the values represented by the caucus a group of left wing democrats. A caucus boasting diversity denied Carlos, a legislator who could have supplied intellectual variation to the group, because they had no interest in true diversity.

I, myself have dealt with this type of bias. As an undergrad, my interactions in class often devolved into me standing my ground against everyone else, even the professor. They welcomed the diversity of skin color I could provide, but denied any difference of opinion I tried to suggest. The accusations of being a “fake” Puerto Rican and betrayer of my race have cut deep, but the belief in my convictions carried me through.

The diversity contradiction is no clearer than when discussing the plight of black conservatives. From Thomas Sowell and Ben Carson, to Clarence Thomas and many other highly respected and revered African Americans on the right, they all have one thing in common: they have been outright rejected by the left.

In the case of Clarence Thomas, he was deliberately left out of the Smithsonian African American History Museum despite being the second African American ever appointed to the Supreme Court. It took almost a full year and a significant amount of conservative advocacy before Thomas was given his proper place in the museum.

Identity politics separates people into groups, and then blames a disparity of any kind solely on oppression from one group to another. Other legitimate reasons for a lack of representation or equality are ignored. Thus the left often points out, for example, the lack of racial diversity on the right and slanders them as racist. However, behind a thin veneer of skin deep diversity, the left hides a lack of a diversity far more important, a diversity of ideas.

You can easily imagine two Republicans like Rand Paul and Susan Collins debating a multitude of issues. What is harder to find are two Democrats with any space between them at all. Just recently Democratic donors were angered at the thought of the DNC funding pro-life candidates.

While Tomi Lahren angered many conservatives with her pro-choice views, coupled with The Blaze promptly firing her, she wasn’t expelled from the movement. Lahren found a new home at Fox News. Multiple GOP Senators and Representatives are also pro-choice.

The left’s view of diversity only seems to be skin deep. They will gladly support you and your ideas, so long as the ideas you espouse are ones of which they approve. The left will always fill their quota when it comes to race and ethnicity. What they won’t do is foster a robust debate within their own party.

The right does of course need to make inroads with minorities if they are ever to dispel the stereotypes of being a party of bigots and racists. However, if you ask any conservative who is also a minority, they’ll tell you that we’d rather convince you of our ideas, than convince you that you’re a victim who needs our help.


Sergio Hruszko is a second-year student at Quinnipiac University School of Law. Sergio’s passions are foreign policy and the fight against poverty. He is a husband and father of two.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Sergio Hruszko

Quinnipiac University

Sergio Hruszko is a second-year student at Quinnipiac University School of Law. Sergio’s passions are foreign policy and the fight against poverty. He is a husband and father of two.

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