11 Pairs of Olympic Boobs That All Deserve Gold Medals


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

If you were shocked by this title but not shocked at the original one by Buzzfeed,

there’s a problem. If you claim to be a feminist (which Buzzfeed has the reputation for saying), you should be reasonably disgusted by both. The double standard when it comes to not sexualizing women but sexualizing men needs to stop. This is not an appropriate response during the #MeToo movement when feminists resoundingly denounce the objectification of women. You can either be offended by both or offended by neither. Stop sexualizing men if you don’t believe women should be sexualized. If you want your beliefs to be respected, you have to be consistent, otherwise, people will believe that you are a hypocrite and ignore your message. We aren’t saying that you can’t find the other sex attractive. We are saying if you get offended at the objectification of one gender and not the other then you are being a hypocrite.


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