Antisemitism in 2018: 73 Years Since Liberation


Monday, February 5, 2018

Saturday, January 28th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked 73 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The memories of the six million Jewish martyrs who were slain must live in our minds every day of the year. Despite the progress we have made since the dark days of Nazi Germany, anti-Semitism remains a consistent problem across the globe. We can look to Israel for hope, where the Star of David flies high above a mighty Jewish State. We can look to the (near) universal condemnation of the neo Nazi marches in Charlottesville, but ignoring the signs of burgeoning hatred (particularly in Europe) will surely be a detriment to our people.

We Jews must admit that the largest threat facing our people today is not from right wing, neo-Nazi anti-Semites. For years now, Jews across Europe have been attacked and threatened, in large part due to Muslim extremists and radical leftists.

Contrary to Islamic anti-Semitism, Nazism is a despicable ideology of the past, forever discarded into the ash-bin of history. Of course, this does not mean we should ever forget the atrocities committed by Hitler.

Today though, so-called ‘anti-Zionism’ is the greatest threat to the Jewish people. For example, violence against Jews increased following President Trump’s courageous decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israel’s true capital. Jerusalem is where our temples stood, our kings ruled, and where our people have yearned to return for two thousand years in the diaspora. Yet, despite the unbreakable bond between the Holy City and Judaism, Muslim extremists and their left-wing allies across the globe resorted to bigotry and violence following the announcement. They mask their hatred of Jews under the guise of hatred of Israel, the one and only Jewish state.

On December 10th, four days after the President’s decision, a synagogue in Gothenburg, Sweden, was firebombed by three pro-Palestinian terrorists. Fortunately, no one was injured.  The day before, hundreds of anti-Semites, waving Palestinian flags, gathered in Malmo, Sweden. Anti-semitism is nothing new in Sweden, or in any other supposedly ‘liberal’ European country. Recently, the Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, Greece, was desecrated with the words “Free Palestine.”

Just the other week, in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, a Jewish girl’s face was slashed when walking during her lunch break. This came just days after two kosher markets were torched nearby.  

Avi Mayer, the spokesman for the Jewish Agency in Israel, noted:

Once again, just this week, the Jewish community of Sarcelles was attacked. An 8-year-old, wearing a Kippah, was assaulted after school.

The most glaring example of antisemitism from the European left is the UK Labour Party.  Jeremy Corbyn, the Marxist party leader, infamously called Hamas and Hezbollah “friends” back in 2016. A poll from this past August shows that over 80% of British Jews believe the Labour Party has an anti-Semitism problem, while a mere 19% believed the same about PM May’s center-right Conservatives.

Thus far, America has largely been spared from this wave of left-wing antisemitism. However, we cannot let down our guard. Remember, the Deputy Chair of the DNC has ties to the Nation of Islam, and Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March has bemoaned the “Jewish media” for disparaging both her and Hitler-lover Louis Farrakhan.

The silence from Jewish leaders on this is deafening. Code Pink, a far left ‘activist’ group, makes Israel bashing their number one priority, going as far as to support terrorists like Rasmea Odeh. And, if you recall, liberal websites such as Daily Kos labeled Jewish Senator Schumer a traitor and “Israel firster” when he opposed the Iran Deal in 2015.

What saddened me the most in recent days was the uncovering of a 2005 meeting between then-Senator Obama and Louis Farrakhan, a man who has praised Hitler and labeled Judaism the “Synagogue of Satan.” Though I have never at all been a fan of the former President to say the least, seeing the picture (below) of the two of them truly hurt me. How could he do this, and why has Jewish leadership been silent on this? This is the equivalent of Trump meeting with David Duke.

I have one final message for everyone reading this: Never forget. Never let the faces, names, and stories of the millions of martyrs vanish from your memory. Never convince yourself that the world is too forward-thinking today to commit, or allow another Holocaust. It can and will happen again if we forget history. And remember this: most of the world sat by idly as Hitler marched onward with his genocide because they did not want to believe it was possible.

Once again today, most of the world does not care about threats facing the Jewish people, whose sole state is threatened daily with annihilation. The late Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion said the following in September 1944, and his words shall ring on for eternity:

What have you done to us, you freedom-loving peoples, guardians of justice, defenders of the high principles of democracy and of the brotherhood of man? What have you allowed to be perpetrated against a defenseless people while you stood aside and let it bleed to death, without offering help or succour, without calling on the fiends to stop, in the language of retribution which alone they would understand. Why do you profane our pain and wrath with empty expressions of sympathy which ring like a mockery in the ears of millions of the damned in the torture house of Nazi Europe? Why have you not even supplied arms to our ghetto rebels, as you have done for the partisans and underground fighters of other nations? Why did you not help us establish contacts with them, as you have done in the case of the partisans in Greece and Yugoslavia and the underground movements elsewhere? If, instead of Jews, thousands of English, American or Russian women, children and aged had been tortured everyday, burnt to death, asphyxiated in gas chambers-would you have acted in the same way?

Jake Fradkin is an incoming freshman at Georgetown University. Jake's interests include mathematics, politics, history, tennis, and writing (and his dog Hulio). His writing tends to focus on the Constitution and foreign affairs.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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Jake Fradkin is an incoming freshman at Georgetown University. Jake's interests include mathematics, politics, history, tennis, and writing (and his dog Hulio). His writing tends to focus on the Constitution and foreign affairs.

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