Ethical Hazards of a Trans Pregnancy


Thursday, January 25, 2018

In these times of non-binary gender, and selective sex affiliation, it seems necessary to clarify some elusive biological truths so as to enable ourselves as a country and a people, to be able to behave in a more ethical manner. It must be said that this is not a criticism of the libertarian society that permits freedom of choice in one’s lifestyle. It must also be said that when one individual’s liberty negatively affects the liberty of those who cannot be heard, such as an unborn child, it must be rectified. The continued ignorance of the truths explored in this article holds the potential to yield serious, negative consequences on innocent, unborn children from the moment of their birth and throughout their life.

To understand the serious implications of gender transitioning, it’s imperative to first explain some basic biology. Sexual differentiation occurs in humans roughly six weeks after conception. If the unborn child is genetically male (XY), then, six weeks after conception, the gonadal ridge of the fetus will begin to be masculinized via the genes within the Male-Specific Region of the Y chromosome. These genes ramp up the production of transcription factors (which are a kind of protein), which increase the rate of the synthesis of certain proteins (some of which are transcription factors), one of which is called SOX9. This transcription factor initiates the production of male reproductive ducts and also initiates the production of the Mullerian Inhibition Substance which dissolves the female duct stem cells.

This process is different in females. It is only the absence of testosterone and the MIH that permits the development of the Mullerian ducts and the decay of the Wolffian (male ducts).

These biological women who engage in “transition” activities and are sexually active are putting their hypothetical children at an almost certain risk of serious physical deformity. The reason for this is that many of these women (biological women) intake testosterone regularly. The presence of testosterone is what is responsible for the secretion of the Mullerian Inhibition Substance and the subsequent destruction of the female reproductive ducts in human embryos.

If for instance, one of these women is pregnant with a normal “XX” female baby, and this woman is going about her transition while completely unaware of her pregnancy, she could do this to her child unknowingly an effect with almost immeasurable magnitude. The child would likely end up with an inability to reproduce and be born with ambiguous genitalia.

It is clear that this is an ethical concern for anyone engaging in these behaviors. The solution seems clear enough: to be more aware of the facts and of the implications of sexual activity during the transition period. This awareness doesn’t seem as though it infringes on the mother’s own liberty in any marked way.

Realistically, this is something that would be very hard to accomplish through legislation alone, but that does not mean there shouldn’t be any legislation pertaining to these situations. Perhaps legislation that required that this issue is discussed with all those undergoing this sort of transition by their healthcare provider would aid in increasing awareness. When people en masse are aware of the dangers of using testosterone as a female while pregnant, at-risk individuals would hear it somewhere or read it somewhere and might be more vigilant, perhaps even do some research.

Once they have a better understanding of their circumstances, these biological women might take more care with contraceptive use with regards to their sexual activities, and be aware of how that could unwittingly react with their transitional hormone treatments. They could even consult with a genetic counselor who would explain to them how long it would be before their particular dose of hormones would no longer have an effect.

As it is a relatively new phenomenon  in society and in medical science, gender transitioning has many pitfalls, unknowns, and unintended consequences. Basic biology can’t be changed without paying a price. Don’t let the innocent, unborn pay this price because we are too politically correct to have honest conversations about the truths of transgender ‘male’ pregnancy.


The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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