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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 was a year of growth and success for Lone Conservative. Who would’ve thought a group of random college students could publish almost 300 articles that totaled hundreds of thousands of views? As fun as 2017 was, it’s not the peak. The best is yet to come for Lone Conservative. For now, let’s take a look at some of the top articles of the year while gaining some insight straight from the authors.


10 Must-Read Books for Young Conservatives” by the Lone Conservative Team

Reading and activism go hand and hand. In order to effectively spread conservatism, one must first have a strong understanding of it. This applicable list consists of books ranging from intellectual conservative classics, to the Bible.


Even in Israel, Holocaust Memorial Day Brings Conflict” by Kassy Dillon

“While studying abroad in Israel, I learned a lot. On Holocaust Memorial Day, we spent the entire day reflecting, hearing from Holocaust survivors, and pausing for a moment of silence while a siren was heard throughout Israel. This article explains my experience.”


Tribalism Has Led to Snowflakes on the Right” by Robert Sasso

“Some people on the right are using leftist tactics to advance their agendas. Sadly, this has resulted in snowflakes on the right who can’t take criticism of their own.”


The Alt-Right is Not Right” by Ann Hanson

“The foundation of alt-right ideology is leftist, collectivist, and not principled. This article mentions how the best foundation for right-wingers is individualism, and to be in the alt-right, that principle has to be abandoned.”


10 of the Craziest College Courses Offered This Year” by Pete D’Abrosca

“This piece highlights the ridiculous nonsense that college students waste their money learning. It was featured on the Andrew Klavan show and in a Daily Wire article.”


To Stop Milo and Ben From Speaking, Berkeley Students Eat Flyers” by Eric Shaffer

“The instant I was alerted that a leftist had eaten a flyer which sought to inform students of Shapiro’s speaking event at Berkeley, I knew I had to write this piece. Despite the infamous flyer being eaten as the focal point of the title, the biggest focus was actually leftists once again disrupting the free exchange of ideas.”


Berkeley Administration Again Empties Its Bag of Tricks” by Bradley Delvin

“I approached this article as an opportunity to help other conservative students get a glimpse of the tactics used by leftist administrations to thwart conservative speech. Because we were able to successfully place pressure on the administration to uphold its legal obligations, the Ben Shapiro event was a massive success.”


Beware Victimhood, No Matter Who’s Selling It” by Alex Muresianu

“If conservatives want to win back college campuses, we need to do so with vigor and reason, but also cheer. Be the “happy warrior” that Andrew Breitbart was. If being conservative is now the new punk rock, make sure it sounds more like The Clash, and less like Paramore.”


Leftists Slander Jordan Peterson” by Abraham Mathew

“In late October of 2017, several slanderous posters against free speech advocate Jordan Peterson, were put up in various neighborhoods around Toronto. These posters labeled him everything from a racist, misogynistic homophobe, to a ‘Nazi philosopher’, and demanded that he be fired from his professorship at the University of Toronto. This article systematically refuted each libelous accusation made by this poster, while recording several letters of support that Peterson received, further disproving the left’s narrative about Professor Peterson.”


The American Idea: A Response to the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh” by Elliot Fuchs

“I am a big reader of Matt Walsh but when I read his article about how “The United States of America no Longer Exists”, I had to write a response. It’s the job of young conservatives like us to show the left that all the things they love about America originates from the constitution, and can only be preserved through conservative policy. In his article, Walsh suggests that America has little chance of long-term survival because we are irreconcilably polarized. I argued, in contrast, that America is an idea that brings and keeps people here in astounding numbers, and it’s our job to make sure that we explain to our leftist colleagues that it is conservative policies that perpetuate that idea, and their policies that pervert it.”


Second Amendment Speech CANCELED at Hampshire College by Cameron Wallace and David Suslenskiy

Antonia Okafor was set to give a speech at Hampshire College until the administration canceled on her just two hours before the event. Most of the reasons offered by the administration for the last second cancellation were bogus, and thus the article gained a lot of traction because conservative students are tired of this kind of behavior from college administrations. This was an example of the broader nationwide effort to silence conservative voices on college campuses.”


4 Common Myths on Net Neutrality” by Andrew Amarone

“On December 14th, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the controversial net neutrality rules instituted by the Obama Administration in 2015. With alarmist hyperbole and misinformation swirling around social media platforms and on Capitol Hill, I broke down 4 Common Myths on Net Neutrality repeal, and outlined the conservative case for deregulation.”


To all Lone Conservative readers, thank you for all your support this year. We promise to continue our hard work by giving you the best content possible. Happy New Year!

Patrick is the Vice President of Lone Conservative and a journalism major at the University of Maryland. He has written in the Washington Free Beacon, Washington Examiner, Media Research Center, Townhall, FEE, and more. Outside of politics, he is a devout Catholic and passionate Baltimore sports fan.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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About Patrick Hauf

Patrick is the Vice President of Lone Conservative and a journalism major at the University of Maryland. He has written in the Washington Free Beacon, Washington Examiner, Media Research Center, Townhall, FEE, and more. Outside of politics, he is a devout Catholic and passionate Baltimore sports fan.

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