What Does it Mean to be a Snowflake?


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We’ve all heard it, in fact, you’ve probably at some point been accused directly or indirectly of being one. But what is a snowflake? There’s been no true consensus on what it actually means to be one as far as I can tell and, in the wake of the non-stop outrage machine that has been steamrolling over our culture for the past half-decade followed by a full year of the Trump Presidency, I think we need to have a serious conversation about what it means to be a “snowflake.”

First, let’s get this part of the discussion out of the way: snowflakes are people who believe themselves to be unique and special, like their real-life frozen-water-droplet counterparts whose crystalline shapes are always different and never repeating. However, just like real snowflakes, the human versions also tend to ‘melt’ when presented with any form of heat, AKA information which contradicts one of their closely held beliefs, causing them to melt down, usually in hilarious fashion.

We here at Lone Conservative know this all too well as our own founder, Kassy Dillon, captured the footage of the infamous Trigglypuff. Also, we on the right have been happy to point out that many political and outspoken figures on the left tend to act like snowflakes on a regular basis, freaking out when you mention something heinous like, “There are two genders,” or “There are dimorphic sex differences between men and women,” or something even worse like, “No member of the NRA has been involved in a mass shooting in America.”

However, it is worth noting that the left has begun pushing back, culturally appropriating our word and using it to describe some figures on the right. And wake-up-call time: they aren’t wrong. For example, when the NFL protests began many Conservatives, and then our President, called for the players to be booted off their respective teams for their peaceful protest. Some fans even began burning their already-paid-for expensive season tickets or their hundred-dollar-plus jerseys. I found this behavior extremely odd.

If you believe players kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful, then change the channel. It’s the same logic we use when those on the left say comedians should be banned for making jokes they find distasteful, or when they say prolific speakers like Ben Shapiro should be barred from speaking at public universities because they disagree with his views. Our usual and correct response is to tell those snowflakes to get over it and stop watching if they don’t like it. It’s the same kind of reasoning we have argued when bakers or florists refuse to service gay weddings, just go to the next shop down the road. It’s totally reasonable to stop watching the NFL and to put our money where our mouth is, and it’s even more reasonable to say kneeling for the anthem is disrespectful. However, calling for the firing of players for expressing themselves politically is serious snowflake behavior.

Even more recently, Keurig pulled its ads off the air during Sean Hannity’s show on Fox over his interviewing Roy Moore. There was an immediate call for a boycott and then people began smashing their hundred-dollar machines to prove a point. Which point is that exactly? That we can’t handle a corporation making a perfectly legal and free decision to spend its money where it sees fit? We can disagree with them over whether or not they were right to do so, but to then to go and destroy your own property to make liberals cry? Very serious snowflake behavior.

Believe me, the only person who will be crying is you when you have no coffee to drink tomorrow morning.

This brings me to the real question of this article. What truly qualifies one as a snowflake? Is it  synonymous with being a liberal? A synonym for millennial? I don’t think so. We need to be more nuanced than that.

A snowflake is someone who responds with visceral negative emotions when presented with true facts which hurt the narrative they constructed for themselves. Railing against reality and truth makes you a snowflake. Choosing to live in an echo chamber and throwing a hissy-fit whenever your views are challenged makes one a snowflake. Although the left pioneered snowflakery, we on the right can be just as guilty of it as demonstrated above. If there’s one thing I want the right to do over the coming years, it’s to lead by moral example in the culture wars. Stooping to the left’s level does not prove us right, it just validates their willingness to disregard our worldview and gives them an excuse for whataboutism.

What are the antidotes to snowflakery? There are Five. Number one is being aware that there are others in the world who don’t think exactly like you. Nothing shatters a psyche like learning that there are people out there who don’t think 100% exactly like you. Number two is, don’t let yourself get trapped in an echo-chamber. Go out and listen to some opposing viewpoints. Hey, who knows, you might learn something! Number three, don’t always assume that your political contenders have malicious intent. Most of the time people are just trying to do and say what they believe to be right and giving someone the benefit of the doubt goes a long way to establishing a good dialogue.

Number four would be to not let yourself get swept up in the outrage. When true outrage is deserved, it should mean something. When we become enraged by everything our political opponents engage in, from their serious scandals to their nose-picking, criticism becomes lost in a mire of meaninglessness. Finally number five: having a sense of humor helps you buttress yourself against those who try to antagonize you (also known as, learning to take a joke). It’s the most difficult one, and the most useful in the long term.

The moral of the story here is: don’t be a snowflake, be an adult human being because snowflakes are like humans. Each one is unique, and special. Except adults don’t melt as easily.

The views expressed in this article are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Lone Conservative staff.

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